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Mohi 9th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanta giving the envelope to Anusha. She says it had something imp for you. Mohi gets tensed. Shanta asks Mohi to go to kitchen and do work. Mohi goes out and stands at the door to see the letter. She thinks will Shanta really show letter to Anusha, it will be big issue, just Lord can stop this. Anusha checks the letter. Anusha asks Shanta since when is she taking these medicines, it has side effects, don’t take these medicines. Shanta says I have knee pain. Anusha says don’t worry, you can meet a doctor in our hospital. Shanta asks her to book appointment and blesses her. She comes out and taunts Mohi.

She asks Mohi to think what can she do, as Mohi went against her and did not add lemon in kheer. She threatens her and asks her not to act clever. She sends Mohi. Mohi cries.


prays to get some way and get her out of this problems. Vinay makes a painting and looks at Mahua’s painting. Aaji comes and asks what are you thinking, whose anklet is this. He says its Mohi’s anklet. She asks how did you get this. He says Anusha has got Mohi today to fill her forms. Aaji says Anusha went on you, she wants to do something for others. He says don’t know what Lord wants to do, I signed as guardian on Mohi’s forms coincidentally. Aaji asks are you not happy. Vinay says I got peace in my heart. She asks then why are you thinking, return her anklet to her, do you want to say something. He says Mahua used to wear similar anklet.

Anjali comes to Shanta’s room to get something. Shanta wakes up and does not see anyone. The person leaves. Vinay tells Aaji that he signed on form and forgot to see her mum’s name, I can’t ask Anusha, else she will think why I m asking, I have to find the truth. She says I did not see you happy after you came back from Bhuvana. He says I did not come back for Rekha, I came for her dad. I stayed here for Anusha and her happiness.

Aaji says I know, you sacrificed your love to do your duty. He says I ruined two lives, I cheated Mahua, if Mohi is my daughter, then even her. I m culprit of them. Aaji says you came long way now, you can’t go back. He says if Mohi is my daughter, I have to help her. Aaji says yes, do what gets peace to you, go to Bhuvana and find the truth. He says yes, I m going for work, I will visit Bhuvana.

Anjali comes to Shanta’s room again and checks the cupboard. Shanta turns and sees her. She wonders what is Anjali finding her in her room. Anjali takes the envelope. Shanta thinks why will Anjali take this envelope to help Mohi, did Mohi tell her everything and sent her here. She stops Anjali and asks what are you doing here. She sees the mask and pulls it off her face. She gets shocked seeing Mohi.

Shanta reminds Mohi how she went to jail without stealing anything, this time she really did theft. Manohar comes to Mohi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This show is total bakwas now should get end..?

  2. The most boring show even, the writer is so stupid

  3. Ab bas karo yaar kitna anyaay karenge ye cv’s mohi ke santh…o ayush samaj tha hai ke mohi ne uske zindagi barbaf kardi kya usne e kabi socha hai ke ye sab mohi ne sirc usko (ayush) ko bqchane ke liye kiya hai.agar o sahe samai per aake bachati nahe to uska kab ka ram naam satya hai hogaya hoga…ayush always insulted mohi aur bahut kadvi kadvi baate ke hai o khud to dusri shaadi karliya anusha ke saanth kya o ek pal ke liye mohi ke bare me socha ke uska kya hoga age is sab me mohi ke kya galti hai…atupid show yaar thank god nwxt monrh ye off air hojaye ga …I can’t see mohi lk this

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