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The Episode starts with Mohi opening the door and seeing Swati. She says its good you came, you know… Swati asks her to tell everyone and takes her downstairs. Mohi tells everyone that she did not do theft. She says Manohar knows her that she can’t do it. Manohar asks her to calm down and tell everything. She tells what all happened and says she is innocent. She says I caught the thief red handed, he was running away with jewelry. She says she snatched the potli and threw it outside the window.

She says I ran to catch him, and Satish locked me in the room. Satish says see her story now. Mohi says no, this is the truth. Satish says I know your truth, she was shocked seeing me, I caught her red handed. He asks how did that man come inside the house. Mohi says I don’t know. Satish says Mohi has

thrown the jewelry out of window, as her lover was waiting there, I know such characterless girls well. Mohi cries and says enough, think before you say, we can die for respect and kill too.

She asks him to think before pointing to her character, he will regret. Satish says fine, agreed that you don’t know that man, but jewelry is stolen. Sharad says yes, all the jewelry is stolen, we have nothing now. He says we will call police. Manohar asks Sharad to stop it. Shanta says Sharad is right. Police will come and find out the truth. Satish says I m ready to give a chance to Mohi. Sharad says yes, we should find the jewelry first. Manohar unwillingly agrees and asks them to call police. Mohi looks at him. Madhur says yes, we have to call police for this theft. Mohi cries. Shanta smiles seeing her.

Anusha and Ayush do the puja. The pandit says puja got completed. Pandit blesses them and leaves. Ayush is worried and leaves. Vinay tells Aaji that Anusha has gone out with Ayush’s family for the first time. Aaji says that’s her family now, everything will be fine, don’t get nervous. He says I m very upset, Rekha is not replying to my calls and messages. Aaji says I know you well, you are saying this in anger, tell me what is it. He says Rekha is not coming back intentionally, she wants to delay Anusha’s marriage. She says no, she will never come in between Anusha’s happiness, she will not break Anusha’s heart, don’t worry, I will make tea for you. He wishes what Aaji said is true.

Police comes and arrests Mohi. Mohi cries and tells Manohar that she did not think she will leave home like this, it would have been better that Anusha did not get her and brought her back home. Shubhangi asks Manohar not to send Mohi, she is innocent. Sharad scolds Shubhangi and asks her not to talk in this matter. Mohi cries and is taken away by police.

Mohi is interrogated in the police station and gets slapped. The inspector asks her to speak out the truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Just because she is village gurl, She doesnt fight for justice!!! Fight Mohi, Fight for ur rights.U just cry which is not gud, overall nice episode, loved Ayusha’s scenes

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