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The Episode starts with Ayush realizing Mohi has gone. Anusha and Savant are on the way. Mohi comes at some Dhaba and sits there. She gets sad and thinks what to do now, where to go, she can’t go back to village and there is no other place where she can go. Ayush takes lift by someone and finds her. He sees her and goes to her. Mohi sees him and asks why did he come back. He says its not his values to leave any girl alone on the way. He sees the dhaba and goes there. He orders a tea for himself and drinks water. Mohi looks on.

Ayush asks the next bus for Pune. The man says it will come in some time. Mohi apologizes to Ayush. Ayush asks what will I tell my family, why are you like this in bridal wear. She looks at her mangalsutra. He sees the time and waits there. She goes to freshen up. She sees

Ayush unhappy and recalls his words. She removes the red thread and haldi tied to hand. She washes her sindoor recalling their marriage. She removes her bridal jewelry and cries recalling the wedding rounds of her and Ayush.

Mohi comes to Ayush. He sees her without mangalsutra and sindoor. They catch the bus for Pune and leave. Anusha and Savant stop at the same dhaba to have food. Savant says we will have tea, as Ayush is found now. Anusha smiles. Ayush and Mohi are on the way. She sees him upset. Savant says we will reach in morning.

Anusha calls her mum, and its switched off. She calls Archana and tells her that she is on the way and will come till morning. She asks her to inform Rekha. Archana says Rekha will be worried. Anusha asks her to talk to Rekha, she is travelling now. Archana gets worried. Rekha comes home and asks her did Anusha come. Archana says no, she was trying your phone. Rekha says I switched off phone, where is she. Archana says she went out, she will come till morning. Rekha asks what, where did she go, will you tell me.

Manohar and Deepa are playing chess. Manohar’s wife asks him to decide about engagement function guest list. He says we will call relatives and friends. Madhur comes home from office. Manohar and Swati tell him about Ayush’s engagement and talks to him. Madhur asks is there nothing else to talk in this house. Manohar says we have to discuss, as Ayush is our most loved son. Madhur says yes, but where is the son, will just the families exchange rings in excitement, even Rekha said this, you all did not understand. Manohar’s wife says we have to prepare. Deepa says we have to just go there, Rekha will do arrangement. Manohar says they can do function by their wish, we will go as guests.

Ayush’s family decides about the shopping. Madhur says Anjali is right, you can do online shopping. He asks where is Ayush, when will he come, let him come first, its 2 days, he did not reply to us. Deepa says maybe he is busy. He asks what busy, he has no time for us, I m sad seeing this, he has made us worried. Swati says he will come. Madhur leaves. Ayush and Mohi are in the bus. Mohi is sleeping and falls on his shoulder. He gets annoyed and moves her. She gets up and says sorry. He thinks what will happen after reaching Pune, he is tensed to meet his family, he can’t even match Anusha’s eyes.

Swati says she wanted to see him. everyone see Mohi at the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Its remake of bengali serial …

    1. Which one?

      1. Ishti kutum

  2. Yikes. Read the story and it was pretty depressing.

  3. I don’t like the storyyyyy

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