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Mohi 8th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anusha asking Ayush not to overreact. She asks what shall I do if Anjali calls me for help, you are responsible for Mohi, you should be with her in her bad times, and you are getting angry here. He says enough, I did mistake coming here. Her friend comes and says sorry, time to work. Ayush says its okay, there is nothing left to talk. Swati serves food to Shanta. Shanta asks Swati will she not have food. Swati says I will eat after Mohi and Anjali come back. Shanta asks why, is Mohi a small kid, Anjali said Mohi is fine. Shubhangi says we are not hungry.

Shanta argues. Swati asks her to have food. Shanta eats food and says its has no chilli powder, is this made for any ill person, you know I don’t like without chilli, it means you did not like my coming here. Swati says I

will add chilli and bring. Shanta says no need, I don’t want to eat.

Vinay asks Mohi what is she thinking. Mohi says you are very good, even your family is so good. He says every mum is good, and loves children. He says he will not ask about her mum, he remember how she got angry. He asks her about her father. She says I don’t know anything. He says anyone would have told anything, think about it. She asks why is he asking, will he help her in finding her dad. He says maybe I know him. She says really. Anjali comes and says we are going home, we will have food there. Mohi says we are hungry. Anjali says Aai is waiting. Vinay says I will call Swati and inform, come with me to have food.

Anjali asks Mohi why did she say yes. Mohi says she is really hungry. Vinay says don’t know whats food in tiffin today. Mohi says I will like if you like it. He gets thinking. Sharad asks Shubhangi why did she call him home, when Mohi is having lunch with Dr. Vinay. Shanta smiles hearing them and fills his ears against Mohi. Shubhangi says sorry. Shanta says I think Mohi has troubled everyone, no one had food, I feel Mohi would be acting to be unwell. Sharad asks why.

Shanta says I don’t know, I did not eat food till now, Mohi is lazy maid. Sharad says you have right to say your heart out. Shanta gets glad. Anusha comes to Vinay and says she came from camp, as she was worried for Mohi. Mohi is unable to eat noodles. Vinay makes her have food by his hands. Mohi gets glad. Anusha asks her to eat fast, else noodles will fall. Vinay then feeds Anusha.

Ayush says once his article gets published, he will show his boss DK, then DK will have no way to fire him. Ayush sees Sharad at the door and gets tensed. Ayush leaves.

Manohar makes Mohi say she will never eat walnuts. Sharad says he has to tell everyone that they will buy sweets from the place Rekha buys sweets. Shanta says they will make sweets at home. They all say about Diwali preparations. Shanta says they decided right and they all smile.

Someone comes to Ayush’s room and sees the file on the table.

Update Credit to: Amena

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