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Mohi 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanta asking Mohi to add lemon juice in the kheer Anusha is making. She says I don’t know how you manage to do this, you have to do this, else I will tell your marriage truth to the family. She gives the lemon to Mohi and says its small thing, come. Mohi gets tensed. Shanta pushes her out of the room and shuts the door. Anusha makes kheer. Mohi comes to kitchen and sees Anusha. Anusha gets a call and goes. Mohi cuts the lemon and adds it in kheer.

She imagines doing so… Anusha moves her and asks her what happened, taste this kheer and tell me how is it. Mohi tastes it and says sugar is somewhat less. Anusha gets the box. Mohi says its salt, not sugar. Anusha brings the right box and adds caster sugar. Mohi thinks I can’t do this, Anusha is very happy, its big day for

her. Anusha asks Mohi to get bowls. Anusha feels sugar is still less, and adds baking soda in it, instead sugar.

Madhur and Sharad bring Manohar to his room. Manohar says I get fed up and bored here. Madhur reminds that a doctor came here now, and Manohar needs rest. Sharad says yes, you got tired by climbing stairs, take rest. Manohar asks where is the kheer, Mausi has come too. Mohi brings the kheer bowls. Shanta looks at Mohi.

Kaki says everyone came here to have kheer along with Manohar. Anjali serves kheer to everyone. Anusha says I made kheer for the first time, I hope you all like it, else forgive me. Kaki says I m sure it will be tasty as you made it by heart. They all eat it and get the bad taste. Shanta looks on. Shanta eats and asks is this kheer or poison.

Manohar says its not so bad Mausi, taste is different, its fine. Shanta taunts Anusha’s maayka and her mom. Manohar asks Shanta not to say such for Rekha. Anusha tastes kheer and says its horrible taste. Kaki says no, its not so bad, what did you add in it. Anusha says I added what all Shubhangi gave me, I added sugar when I felt it was less. Anjali asks did you add sugar or anything else. Kaki tastes kheer again and says there was soda box beside sugar, you added soda in this Anusha. Shanta smiles. Anjali says yes, Kaki is right, you added soda. Anusha says all jars looked same, I m really sorry, I spoiled kheer and your mood too. She cries. Kaki says don’t cry, it happens. She says Shubhangi did not know making tea when she came here after marriage, you tried to make kheer.

Shanta taunts Anusha and Rekha again. Manohar says enough Mausi, you don’t need to say in this matter. Sharad asks why can’t Mausi say anything? He reminds Manohar taunted Shubhangi when she made puran poli, you made fun of her. Kaki says he joked. Sharad says I did not know he was joking, he was serious. Madhur asks him to be quiet. Sharad says I m supporting my wife and saying truth. Madhur asks you mean Manohar is against your wife. Sharad says I mean Mausi is not against Anusha, she is elder and can say anything, whats wrong. Madhur says Mausi should not say this thing, Anusha made kheer for the first time.

Sharad says its not big thing to argue. Madhur asks am I arguing, you are talking lot these days. Manohar and Kaki ask them to stop it. Madhur and Sharad argue. Anusha cries and leaves. Anusha goes to her room and recalls Shanta’s words. Mohi pacifies her. Shanta comes and apologizes to Anusha. Anusha says I did not feel bad. Shanta says I had some imp work with you and gives her an envelope. Mohi gets shocked. Shanta says its imp thing for you.

Mohi looks on as Anusha opens the envelope and checks…

Update Credit to: Amena

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