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Mohi 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vinay telling Anusha that he felt connected with Mohi. He recalls Anusha’s words and says when I met her for the first time, she won my heart. He recalls Mohi assuming him to be thief. Anusha thinks why is Vinay saying this, does he know Mohi is my sautan, Ayush married her in Bhuvana, do we both want to talk same thing. She cries. Vinay asks her what are you thinking. She asks what about Mohi. He says I was saying, Mohi and I have many similarities, she has walnut allergy. He recalls how he came to know that when she treated Mohi. He says she loves drawing, just like me. He recalls Mohi’s drawing.

He says I always felt why she looks like my loved one, this can’t be coincidence, maybe this truth can hurt you, forgive me, but I can’t hide the truth anymore. Anusha asks

what are you saying this, tell me what is it. He says Mohi is Mahua’s daughter. She says yes, so… He says it means Mohi is my and Mahua’s daughter. Anusha gets shocked. Vinay says Mohi is your younger sister. Anusha recalls Mohi.

He says you have grown up, so I can share this with you, sometimes there is distance between husband and wife, I went to a camp near Bhuvana many years ago…. I met Mahua there. FB shows Mahua dancing. Vinay says Mohi is Mahua’s reflection, innocent face, same eyes. He says I loved Mahua, I thought I will give divorce to Rekha and marry Mahua. Anusha cries and asks why did you not do this. He says I have seen your face then, I did not wish your future to get spoiled, I have made a life leaving my desires, your Nana ji got unwell, he took my promise that I will never leave you and Rekha, I had his many favors, so I agreed to him, if you feel I m unjustified towards you and Rekha, I have no answer, I have been unfaithful to you and Rekha. They cry.

Shanta comes to Sharad and asks him to carry on his work, make his name. He asks why are you tensed. She says everyone is busy after Ayush, no one is seeing you, everyone is equal for me. She asks him to do his own business. He says yes, I want my earnings to be just mine, how to start business, I need investment to make office. She asks him to take Rekha’s help. He gets shocked.

Shanta says Ayush married a rich girl, we should use it, Rekha is happy with Ayush’s success, we will ask money. He asks is this right to ask money from her. Shanta says you can take help and return money later. Anusha gives coffee to Vinay. Vinay says then I got chance to repent, when I got to know that Mohi is my daughter, I did not wish to hide, I wanted to tell everyone, but Aaji stopped me, she explained me that many relations will be affected by this, our intentions can be pure, but my and Mahua’s relation was illegitimate. He says Aaji said your inlaws won’t take this well, but I told this to Mohi. Anusha asks what did she say then. FB shows Vinay meeting Mohi, and saying I want to tell you something. She says tell me. He says in private. She says we will go to my room and talk.

She asks Vinay to come to her room. He says you will find it strange that I m hiding and talking to you, its important to tell you, I don’t know how will you react, I have to tell you. She says I don’t understand, what to do you want to say. He says you wanted to know, who is your father. She recalls Shanta taunting her. She looks at Vinay.

Mohi asks Vinay to say where is her father, what he does, I want to meet him. He says no need to go anywhere and shows her mirror. He says there is your father… She gets shocked seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Superb.10 on 10.I can’t wait for tomorrow episodes

  2. If you are not going to reveal mausi’s truth then end this show. Almost all serials are going along the same track, when will you start showing the truth of negative actors in serials? Is mohi coming back in this show?

  3. superb epi ……….please continue in this way…….

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