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Mohi 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with thief pushing Mohi. He asks for the jewelry potli. She refuses to give him and asks him to leave. He asks for the potli and throws the stick. He tries to snatch the potli from her. She cries and bites his hand. He gets angry. She throws the potli outside the window. He asks what did she do and runs out. Satish stops him and asks for jewelry. The thief says that girl has seen me and tells everything. Mohi thinks what to do, she has find the potli before thief gets it. The thief tells Satish that the girl has thrown that potli down. Satish says I will stop her.

He asks Mohi what happened. She asks did he see the man running. He says yes, and asks her did she call that man. She asks what is he saying, that man came to steal jewelry. Don’t know how he locked me in room, I have

thrown the jewelry outside. He asks what, show me how did the jewelry go. She says the thief has run out. He asks her to do as he says. She says listen to me.

Shanta made everyone busy at temple. She asks pandit to do preparations well. Shanta asks Manohar to repair this old home in their village. Ayush says now this is my duty, I will repair it. Manohar says great. They all smile. Shanta thinks why did Satish’s call did not come till now, she can’t bear this family happy.

Mohi tells Satish that the thief has run away. Satish slaps her and says you are liar and thief, you felt I will not understand this, you called that thief to steal jewelry, that man was your lover. She gets shocked. He says I understood you took advantage of everyone’s love and trust, I have seen you staring at jewelry. She cries and says I swear I m not thief. He says don’t act innocent, I have caught you red handed, I will tell everyone about your truth. He locks her inside the room. She asks him to open the door, she is not thief.

Satish calls Sharad. Sharad gets shocked and asks what are you saying, fine, we all will leave. He tells everyone that Satish has caught Mohi red handed while she was stealing. They all get shocked. Sharad says she was running with her lover by taking jewelry from Manohar’s room, its good Satish has seen her and locked Mohi in Manohar’s room, her lover has run away. Manohar says you are mistaken, Mohi can’t steal. Shanta says yes, how can Mohi steal, she can’t be thief. Sharad says I knew something will happen. Ayush looks on.

Satish and the man find the potli, while the potli is on the tree. Mohi asks Satish to open door else she will tell Manohar. Sharad says I think Mohi is married as Shanta told, and she called her husband to steal jewelry. Shanta says Mohi ruined everything. Manohar says I can’t believe Mohi can steal, she can’t break my trust. Everyone agree to Manohar.

Mohi thinks she can’t jump from window, its high, what to do. She looks for the keys. Shanta says yes Manohar, but Satish called Sharad, it means you trust Mohi so you doubt Satish. Anusha says we should talk to Mohi. Shanta says we did not ask your advice. Ayush asks Shanta how can she say this, Anusha is part of this family and has right to say.

Madhur says we will leave and asks Ayush and Anusha to complete puja. Ayush thinks if Mohi tells about their relation. Mohi sees through the key hole. She sees the keys hanging outside of the door. She takes newspaper and keeps it under the door. She takes a pin to push the key out of the keyhole. The key falls on the newspaper. Mohi gets glad seeing it and pulls the paper. She gets keys and opens the lock. She opens the door and smiles. She gets shocked seeing….

Mohi asks Satish why is he framing her. Satish calls her characterless. Mohi says enough, I can die for respect and even kill anyone. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please stop this bullshit now. It s enough with this stupidity. Shame on you mr producer for making a serial that is a flop. Mohi must go off air. Boring boring boring

  2. Oh man! Shanta and Sathish are trying to destroy Ghokhale’s family happiness and frame Mohi for stealing jewelleries.

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