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Mohi 7th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayush thinking SK-Satyakam has come to meet him. Satyakam meets another Ayush, while Ayush meets SK. SK says I have come from your bank, I m Santosh K. Ayush asks what. Jatin says yes, this is SK, what did you think, where are you lost these cards, bank people are coming office for credit card payments. Ayush asks him to wait and goes to get cheque. Satyakam tells Deepak that this is not that Ayush, he has come to Bhuvana. The man says I have not come to Bhuvana, whats Ayush’s full name. Satyakam says I don’t know full name. Deepak says maybe we came to wrong place, sorry. They leave.

Manohar sings and recalls his old days with his chair and tobacco box. Sharad asks him to come for lunch. Mohi comes and says she has to ignite this cigarette. They all get shocked. Manohar

asks where did she get this, what will she do. Mohi says I will smoke, I used to smoke a lot in my village. They all look at her. Swati asks where did she get this. Mohi says from Sharad’s room. Manohar asks Sharad does he smoke. Mohi says yes, I have seen him smoking daily. Shubhangi says no, he smokes occasionally. Kaki asks why did she not tell them. Mohi says sorry for exposing Sharad’s secret. Manohar says its good and scolds Sharad.

Rekha comes to meet Anusha at the hospital and asks nurse about Anusha. The nurse says she is in general ward. Anusha takes care of patient. Rekha says I will wait outside and asks her to come. Mohi says I will sit and smoke now. Manohar asks her to stop. He asks how dare she take cigarette. Mohi says I will smoke well. Manohar scolds her and takes cigarette. Mohi asks why, this box has tobacco, cigarette also has tobacco, why can’t I smoke, if you can smoke.

Manohar says you are comparing me with yourself. Mohi says no, I m saying you eat tobacco and I will smoke. Manohar says no, try to understand. She says there is one way, you throw the tobacco box and I will throw this cigarette. The ladies smile understanding Mohi’s step. Rekha asks Anusha not to treat patients for free, she has to answer in board meeting. Anusha justifies herself. Rekha says I don’t want to argue, we will go for lunch, are you ready. Anusha asks for few mins.

Manohar says I can’t throw this box. Mohi says fine, I will not throw this cigarette and ignites it. Manohar says someone explain her. He stops her and says I lost, you won. They all get glad. Mohi asks for the box and asks him to promise he will not touch tobacco. He says fine and gives the box. The family laughs. Manohar asks Sharad to stop smoking.

Ayush calls Anusha, and Rekha takes the call. Ayush says our engagement is fixed on Sunday, when can we meet. Rekha talks to him and says sorry, Anusha can’t go out with you, my friend’s son Rahul has come, he is CEO in USA company, Anusha is going for lunch with him. She taunts him for not getting his story published. She asks him to concentrate on his career. He says you are right and ends call. Rekha smiles. Anusha comes and Rekha lies to her. She asks Anusha to go for lunch alone. Anusha refuses and says I was going as you were coming. Ayush recalls Rekha’s words and gets worried. Jatin asks him what happened, you had to give cheque to SK, that’s why right?

Ayush comes to the restaurant and sees Anusha. Anusha asks does he not trust her. Ayush says I trust you, your mom told me about your lunch date here, I have no choice now and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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