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The Episode starts with Shanta making Mohi write all the truth. She says write it, that Mohi married Ayush. She asks her to write her father’s name, and taunts her. She then tells her to write her mother’s name. She dictates to her and asks her to read it now. Mohi reads that she married Ayush in Bhuvana, she is Ayush’s first wife, Ayush and she have hidden this marriage truth, she does not have any proof for marriage, so Ayush cheated her and married Anusha, but she wants her rights, which she will take. She cries. Shanta takes the paper from her and smiles.

Shanta says don’t worry, this will be a secret, make special tea for me today. Shanta sends her and keeps the paper save. She says she will make copies of it. Anjali says I will help Kaki in cooking. They have a talk. Mohi comes downstairs.

Kaki stops her and asks what happened. Mohi says I m going to make tea for Shanta. Anusha comes and asks Mohi to get ready, they have to fill forms on university. Mohi says I have work. Anusha asks her to do work later. She asks Kaki shall I take Mohi with me.

Kaki says Anusha you are our bahu, no need to ask permission. Anusha says but I feel glad to take elder’s blessings. Kaki blesses her.

Anusha brings Mohi with her to hospital. She asks Vinay to take care of Mohi and goes. He asks is everything fine, you can share anything if its worrying you. Mohi says nothing, I m fine. He asks does she want to go home, to meet her family in village. She thinks she does not want to show her face to anyone. She says nothing like that. Anusha brings forms and says we have to go back home to take guardian’s sign, we will take Manohar’s sign. Vinay says so what, even I m her guardian. He signs on the forms, and gives Anusha. He gets a call and says I won’t be late for work. Anusha gets a call and leaves with Mohi.

Mohi’s anklet falls there. Vinay sees it and gets shocked. He thinks Mahua used to wear such anklet, why does his heart say that Mohi is Mahua’s daughter… Anjali could not do work well and thinks what to tell Shubhangi. Kaka comes and asks what is she doing. Anjali says I m trying to make masks for Sanchet’s project. Anusha and Mohi come home. Anjali runs to Mohi and asks for help.

She shows the mask to her. She asks how is this, its bad right. Anusha and Kaki laugh. Anjali tells about Sanchet’s school project. Mohi says its good. Anjali asks her not to praise her, its not good. Mohi says we will make another one, Sanchet will choose whatever he likes. Anjali asks her to make it good.

Anjali and Kaki ask Anusha to make something sweet today. Anusha says I will make kheer. Anjali takes her to show the kheer ingredients. Kaki brings Manohar in living room. He says I m tired being in room. Anjali shows the mask made by Mohi. Manohar says I m getting smell of sweets. Kaki says yes. Anusha is making sweets for the first time. Manohar asks will I get some. Kaki says I will give you. Madhur tells Manohar that he has seen all accounts, they paid everyone. Sharad looks on and leaves. Shanta comes there. Anjali asks Sharad not to touch masks, paint is wet. Sharad says Mohi did well, she made good masks. Shanta says yes, Mohi is talented.

She brings Mohi to her room and shows lemon. She asks Mohi what happened if lemon is added in kheer. Mohi says kheer will get spoiled. Shanta says right answer.

Anusha goes to attend call. Mohi adds lemon in kheer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How stupid! Why wouldn’t Mohi tell this to Ayush?


  3. idont understand why the indians made woman so stupid.Mohi already knows that his husand knew about all .why not she share share all this to him.Why in every drama they made woman stupid and not only stupid but to try to spoil the whole things that girls are born stupid .I have sen there dramas gopi, ashiata and this girls are born stupid .It means indians girls dont use mind .They only try to promote whatever happened to you just leave every thing on bagwan.Stupid writers and stupid mentality .This shows why asians never progress because their writers are so stupid who cant bring awareness in there scoieteies but push them back into dark ages.Stupid stupid and bastard

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