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Mohi 7th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone talking about puja mahurat. Swati says Ayush is busy, what mahurat to get. Kaki says yes, but Ayush and Anusha have to sit in puja. Anjali says Ayush called, he is leaving for Delhi, I m going to give his clothes, he said he will come out tomorrow night, he is going for someone’s interview. Anjali says I will go now, I m getting late. Swati asks did you take warm clothes, tell him not to have cold water, he gets sore throat. Anjali says I m going to give the bag at gate, I can’t meet Ayush. She leaves.

Rekha calls Anusha on hospital landline. She talks to nurse and asks about Anusha. Nurse says Anusha is busy in lab, give me message if you want, I will give. Rekha says its okay. Aaji asks about Anusha. Rekha says she is busy in lab, I don’t understand why people

like to become doctors, all day patients, diseases and illnesses, I have problem with Vinay and Anusha, my dad was also doctor, but he did not run from house responsibilities, and here both Anusha and Vinay are only after their profession. Rekha gets angry. Aaji says doctor is regarded as Lord, I can’t argue more, end this topic, doctors are selfless and serve people for humanity, not for money, I m going to sleep. She goes.

Anusha works and cries in her cabin. She recalls Ayush and recalls Mohi’s letter. She says just dad can get me out of this situation. Rekha goes to Vinay’s room and sees the painting. She gets shocked and throws the paper. She thinks who is this woman, its definitely not me. She looks at the drawings and fumes. She thinks Mohi is also from Bhuvana, Vinay wanted to tell something to Mohi, there is some connection between them. She tears the drawing. She says I m fed up of Bhuvana, that’s Mohi’s village, what is special there, is there a house or heaven… why do Anusha and Vinay want to go there…. She cries and thinks what do I don’t know till now.

Madhur asks Swati about puja mahurat. Swati tells Shanta that she kept puja for Ayush’s progress. Shanta says its good Anusha’s steps are positive, I felt she is unlucky, its fine now, Ayush became famous and earned big name. Kaki asks Shanta not to say bad, if Mohi comes back, does that mean Ayush will lose everything. Shanta asks her why is she saying bad now? She says don’t say this, maybe it will turn true. Madhur asks Swati about Anusha’s message or call. Swati says don’t know. Shanta says Anusha went to her Maayka, she did not ask us, and did not even inform. She taunts on today’s bahus. Swati says Anusha informed that she is going Maayka, she will come back. Madhur asks Sharad about his job. Sharad says I have no job, I m not getting any good offer. Madhur says give me resume, I will talk to my friend. Sharad agrees.

Shanta talks to Satish and finds him upset. She asks him what happened, Ayush slapped you instead giving money. He says you are great, how did you know this. Shanta says I know this, Ayush has changed, he is not like before now. Satish tells her everything. Shanta says you lost the letter, Ayush will have the copy in his bag. Satish says no, he said he did not get any copy, I have kept it in his bag, don’t know where did it go. She smiles and says maybe Anusha got it, your hardwork did not get water, this peace is sign of upcoming storm. Anusha has gone to her Maayka and not coming back, she is not reachable on phone. He gets glad and says I will get money.

She says this is not time to count money, do my last work and see how I ruin this house. They laugh.

Its morning, Vinay comes to hospital and meets Anusha. She hugs him and cries. She asks where was he, I was so worried. He says I went for few days, I m back, tell me what happened, is it about Ayush. She says I m worried because of you, you did not say where you went. He asks her to sit. He says I want to tell you something, I don’t know how you will react, you will get annoyed or happy. she says I have to say something. He says actually, I wanted to talk in private. She asks what is it. He says its about Mohi, I always felt like we have some relation with Mohi. She is like us, I felt like she is our family, I remember when I met her for the first time, she won my heart. He recalls Mohi. She thinks does Vinay know my and Mohi’s relation, that Mohi is my sautan, Ayush married her, do we both have to talk about same thing.

Vinay says Mohi is Mahua’s daughter. Anusha says yes, so… He says it means, Mohi is my and Mahua’s daughter. Anusha gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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