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Mohi 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohi taking tea for Ayush. She knocks door and takes his permission. He says strange, you knocked door and came for the first time. She says you told me that’s why, I got tea. He says I did not ask for it. She says I have seen you start the day with tea. He drinks tea. She asks how is the tea. He says its good. She gets glad and leaves.

Everyone gets ready to leave for puja. Satish says he has some imp work and can’t come for puja. Shanta asks why is Ayush taking so much time to get ready, what problem he is, he is not believing in Lord. Swati says no, he believes in Lord and goes temple. Anusha brings Ayush and says I convinced him, he is coming with us. They all start leaving and ask Mohi to come.

Shanta says why Mohi, she is our maid, let her be at home and

cook for us, she is not needed in family puja. Kaki says no, Mohi will come with us, its final. Mohi says Shanta is right, I will be at home and study, else Manohar will make me hen, I will stay at home, you all go. Kaki calls her sharp to give this excuse which she can’t refuse. Satish says I will also leave. They all leave. Mohi closes the door. She goes to her room and studies.

Someone rings the bell. She thinks who came now and goes to open the door. Satish says its me Satish. She sees him from the eyeball and opens the door. He says I forgot my phone. He says that’s my phone and takes it. She asks for a cup of tea. She goes to kitchen. He runs and goes out to call some goon. He asks the man to go fast and steal the jewelry. The man asks for the keys. Satish says its open always, go fast. The man collides with furniture and hides. Mohi gets tea for Satish. Satish sits back and acts. He drinks tea and says I m in hurry, I will leave. He leaves.

She closes the door. She goes to kitchen. The thief sees her away and locks her door. The thief goes to Manohar’s room and takes jewelry. The boxes fall and Mohi hears the sound. She finds her door locked and worries. The thief takes all jewelry. Mohi breaks open the door. The thief makes the jewelry fall and quickly picks it. Mohi comes infront of him with a wooden stick.

Mohi beats on his hand and all the jewelry falls. She asks the man not to come infront and asks him to move back. She takes the jewelry and says she will beat on his head. She beats on his shoulder and he falls down. She runs upstairs. The thief follows her. She runs to a room and he pushes the door. She falls down. She gets tensed.

The thief asks for jewelry. Mohi refuses to give him jewelry and bites on his hand. He gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Only bullshit and crap. End this stupid serial. It has no logica in it and this serial id so boring

    1. That’s why mohi is leaving the show

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