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The Episode starts with Swati asking Mohi what happened to her back. Mohi says nothing, tea fell by mistake by Shanta’s hands. Swati takes her to apply ointment. Aaji tells Vinay that she has got Anusha’s marriage mahurat. Anusha smiles and is happy hearing this. She gives walnuts to Vinay. Aaji asks what is she doing, Vinay has allergy with walnuts. Vinay says they will visit Ayush’s family. Anusha says she will come with them. Vinay says marriage arrangements have to be made in 20days. Rekha asks what, just 20 days, I want atleast 2 months.

Aaji asks Rekha not to worry, they will manage. Rekha says I have to manage everything, so I m worried. Rekha says they are regarding her outsider. Aaji says you are part of this family. Rekha says I m having headache, I need strong coffee and goes. Swati

asks Mohi how did tea fell by Shanta’s hand. Mohi says she asked me to pick clothes and tea fell by her hands. Swati says fine, I m applying ointment, pain will go in some time. Swati wipes Mohi’s tears and asks her not to worry, she will be fine.

Vinay says day started bad, I have an imp surgery. Anusha says I have to attend medical camp, can Aaji stay alone. Aaji says don’t worry. Swati and Shubhangi work in kitchen and talk about tea incident. Shubhangi tells Swati that she finds something fishy, Shanta has made tea on Mohi purposely. Swati worries and says no, Mausi can’t do this. Shubhangi reminds Mohi made Shanta say sorry, that’s why she made everyone think she is not against Mohi to take revenge. Swati says don’t say this, if Mausi hears, it will be big issue. Shubhangi thinks Mausi did this intentionally.

Anusha looks for Archana and sees her phone. She recalls Archana and says who called her that day, she was so worried, how can I check her phone, it will be wrong, but if she is in problem and I can help then…. She sees call log deleted and thinks there is some problem, why will she hide, maybe I m overthinking.

Mohi goes to Shanta’s room and cleans floor. Shanta asks did she apply medicine. Mohi says Swat applied ointment, now I m better. Shanta says yes, she would have asked how it happened and worried. Mohi says yes, she is very nice and worries for me. Shanta asks what did you tell her. Mohi says that tea fell by your hand by mistake. Shanta says Swati might have cried, don’t know what is she thinking about me, did she say anything. Mohi says no, she did not even take your name. Shanta says it means no one doubted on me. Shanta asks Mohi to have walnuts. Shanta says walnuts are good for health. She gives her walnuts and does not touch Mohi’s hand as she is maid.

Ayush talks to his boss and asks him for a project. He says you can ask Anant Sir, give me one chance. He insists a lot. His boss acts rude, and then gives a project. Rekha calls his boss. Ayush goes. She asks is there any good news. Rekha says we don’t have time, I have just 20 days. He says this is not so easy. Vinay walks to them. The boss says he can lose his own job if he is caught. Rekha says do anything, but I have to send Ayush outside. Vinay comes and she gets tensed seeing him.

Rekha lies to him about arranging surprise honeymoon package for Ayush and Anusha. He asks does she not want them to get married, you are not happy with their marriage, you don’t care. Rekha says it matters, even I want them to get married, the fact is I want to see Anusha happy. He says fantastic, then forget everything, I will final marriage date with Gokhales, no need to worry, do one favor, pretend to be happy till Anusha’s marriage happens. I m sure you will not do anything, I hope no hurdle comes.

Mohi coughs. Shanta asks what happened to you. She calls out everyone to see Mohi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Boring, boring, boring. I am fed up with this storyline. It has no logica in it and i hate this serial. I’m not gonna waste my time watching this crap.

  2. Shanta is so rude. I’m just wondering why all grandmothers are so cruel??

  3. i love dis serial esp mohi innocence

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