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The Episode starts with Mohi seeing Ayush talking on phone. Ayush talks to his boss and asks does he have to leave today itself, fine, but it was unexpected so I asked. Shanta stops Mohi. Mohi says I have to go. Shanta scolds her and takes her. Manohar asks Ayush why is he upset. Ayush says I have go Bangalore today to cover an imp event. Anusha asks today, all of a sudden. Ayush says I reacted same way, but I have to go. Manohar says tell your boss you just got married. Ayush says its new job, boss will feel I m unprofessional. Anusha asks him to go, this is chance to prove boss’ choice of Ayush is right. They smile.

Sharad gets ready for office. He asks Shubhangi about Manohar’s health. She asks him can’t he go to Manohar and ask, after all he can do this for his elder brother. He says trust

me, I did not know Manohar will get attack. She asks him to apologize. He says no, I won’t, I did not do anything wrong, I will be adamant till Manohar agrees and tells me what I want to know.

Shanta asks Mohi what work she has. Mohi says I have work with Ayush. Shanta says oh, you just say you have work with your husband. Mohi says no and is shocked. Shanta smiles. Anusha recalls Rekha and Ayush’s words. Mohi asks Shanti what is she saying, I don’t like jokes, I will tell Manohar. Shanti says fine, come we will tell them together, how you and Ayush secretly married, how you both lied to Anusha and family, I will tell Anusha about your big cheat.

Shanta says you both sisters have same and husband, right? Come with me, we will tell them. Mohi cries and stops. Shanta says Manohar is a lawyer, he knows all rules, the punishment for marrying again having first wife, Ayush will go jail. Mohi says no, I will do as you say. Shanta asks for Satish’s paper. Mohi recalls Satish’s words and says it means you and Satish are together. Shanta smiles.

Mohi says you are informing Rekha on phone. Shanta says you are smart, now give me this paper, what are you thinking. She takes the paper and asks Mohi to do her small work. She asks her to get writing pad and pen. Vinay gets Anusha’s call. He says I was calling you now, I knew my princess will wish to talk to me. She says yes, you have solution of my every problem, I m really missing you dad. He says even I miss you a lot. She asks how is Rekha’s mood. He says you know her, but she will be fine, she is your mother, Rekha has to understand Ayush is supportive husband, I feel you are lucky to have Gokhale family.

She asks what if that man calls mom again. He says I spoke to commissioner, don’t worry. She says I trust you completely. He says I m happy that you held Ayush’s hand and supported him, now that’s your house and family, keep it well. She says I will remember. He says I love you dear. She says I love you too dad. He asks her to take care and ends call.

Shanta asks Mohi to write everything. Mohi asks what. Shanti says write that you married Ayush. You are Mohi Ayush Gokhale now. I want to keep your handwritten paper with me to keep your mouth shut, write it. Mohi asks why are you doing this with me, this is wrong. Shanta asks why did you hide about your marriage then? Mohi says I promised Ayush I will not tell this to anyone. Shanta says I will not say anyone, just write and give, else I will tell your truth to everyone. Mohi worries.

Mohi writes that Ayush married her and then married Anusha, but I want my right, which I will take, she cries. Shanta takes the paper from her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What all this dragging storyline. Actually what is motive of Mohi coming to city I.e to become a doctor u r deviating it

  2. What the f**k is this for storyline?
    Saran is right. This serial is so stupid it should go off air. I rather watch english serials and movies instead of this crap and bullshit. Shanta is a witch and mohi is a stupid cow.

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