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Mohi 6th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaji asking Anusha to have patience and not decide anything in hurry and being emotional. Anusha cries and says I had to talk something related to work, I will go to hospital now. She leaves. Aaji worries. Satish comes to meet Nilesh and gets shocked seeing him. Ayush stops Satish from running and they both catch Satish. Satish asks Ayush to leave him. Nilesh slaps Satish. Satish shouts leave me Ayush. Ayush gets the letter from Satish’s pocket and checks it. He gets shocked reading Mohi’s letter.

He asks where did you get it. Satish says it was with Mausi, we know you got married with Mohi, we went to Bhuvana on your marriage day, Harya told us the truth. Ayush asks why will Mohi write this. Satish says Mausi blackmailed Mohi and made her write, Mausi wants to ruin Gokhale

family. Ayush says you are lying, you are caught and blaming Shanta. Satish says I m not lying. Ayush warns him and scolds him asking him not to do any clever trick again. He asks Satish to leave from the city for some time. Satish leaves.

Rekha asks Aaji why did Anusha go. Aaji says I was explaining Anusha to convince Ayush to come for dinner, as Rekha accepted Ayush. Rekha thanks her for saying this to Anusha, you did not accept me as your bahu, and you favored me today. Aaji says you are mistaken, if you are right, I should favor you, Anusha will bring Ayush. Rekha says I really hope so, I organized party for them, they have to be there. Aaji says Ayush will surely come.

Ayush gets Delhi ticket with return tickets. He checks the tickets and tries calling Anusha. He calls on landline and Anjali answers. He asks her to tell Anusha to call her. Anjali says she is going to her dad’s house, talk to her. Ayush says tell Anusha that I m going Delhi, I will come back tomorrow late night. She says fine, I will tell. He thinks what happened to Anusha, why am I so scared. He leaves.

Anusha cries and talks to Vinay’s pic. She waits to talk to him, and thinks where is he, she wants to share this problem with him. She recalls Mausi’s words that Mohi is married. She cries recalling Ayush taking care of Mohi. She says they both have hidden this with me, and feels depressed.

Anusha says I did not know anything till now. A nurse comes and Anusha wipes her tears. The nurse says Vinay called from this number, he wanted to know about some patient. Anusha thanks her and calls on the number. Satish comes home and fumes recalling the slap. He says I will give an answer for this slap, my cheek got red, Ayush I will blacken your face. Mausi calls him and he rejects call. She calls again. He thinks maybe my letter reached right place and answers call. Shanta taunts Satish and asks him to join her again, she will teach him next trick. She says your target did not hit right, but it did not get waste. He smiles.

Madhur comes home with sweets and gives the box Swati. She asks what is the good news. He says I m very happy, I will tell the good news when I get tea. She smiles and goes to make tea. Swati gets tea and asks him to say what happened. He says my college students, colleagues and even principal praised Ayush’s show, I felt so proud of Ayush. They both get glad. Anusha calls on the number and could not get Vinay on call. She wishes to talk to Vinay. She asks nurse not to disturb her and just send dad to her, whenever he comes. She switches off her phone.

Vinay tells Anusha that he wanted to talk about Mohi. Anusha cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The story is interesting day by day I hope vinay tells anusha truth by tomorrow

  2. Ruhanika u r right.The story is interesting day by day.Every day i eagerly waiting for this show.

  3. This serial getting over tomorrow…Good riddance..too much slow pot and irritating oldie

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