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The Episode starts with Mohi crying and recalling Ayush and Anusha. Mohi thinks why is she keeping fast if she can’t see Ayush happy with Anusha. Anusha is so good to take responsibility of Mohi’s studies, Mohi is married to Ayush but can’t become his wife in this birth, why is she becoming selfish, she should be happy that Lord gave her chance to keep fast for Ayush, she can make hurdles away from his marriage, she should do the good for Ayush.

Ayush tells his own story to Anusha by saying its his new story. He says he loves his girlfriend, but he got married to someone else by consequences, he want to be with his love, what should he do now. Anusha says this answer is not so easy, marriage is pure, if the guy is married, I think he should forget his love and stay with his wife, even if he

does not love his wife, he has to sacrifice his love, else he will do very bad with his wife. Ayush says but he won’t be happy with his wife. She says but he can’t ruin 3 lives for his happiness, I know it will be tough for the girl whom he loves, but he has no choice, that girl should be happy that the guy did not leave his wife. He asks what will the girl do whom he loves, She says its bad for him that the guy told her everything and did not hide anything. Kaki calls her. Anusha hugs Ayush and says I m going. She leaves.

Ayush says I can’t do this, Anusha will leave me if I tell the truth, she will want me to stay with Mohi. But I love Anusha and can’t lose her ever. Swati asks Anusha did she really like this. Anusha says yes I liked it and Ayush too, I will leave now. Shanta comes there and asks are you leaving without meeting me, I was joking, I know you can’t do without meeting me. She says she wants to say something important. Shanta asks Anusha and Ayush to go to visit temple. Manohar likes the idea. Anusha says fine, I will come tomorrow. Shanta blesses her. Anusha leaves.

Shanta thinks Anusha won her heart by agreeing to go temple, some truth will be coming out. She looks at Satish and smiles. Its night, Shanta and Satish play ludo. She wins. He asks when will I win. She says never, no one wins over me, the one who walks with me wins. She asks him not to worry, as she has laid a good trap, they will win, see how Manohar get ruined by his own family.

Mohi talks to Manohar and he asks her to follow the study timetable, else he will punish her to become hen. She says I like it. He says you have to become hen. She laughs and asks how to make it. He shows her how to become hen. She laughs and teases him. She says I understood, but I can’t become hen, as I m girl. She laughs. He says it means you knew all this. He laughs. She thinks he does not know I will be leaving, I can study but not give the exam. She will be missing him a lot.

Its morning, Shanta calls Satish. He comes out of the room and talks to her. Shanta says Mohi and you are not going to temple, do you remember your work. He says yes. She asks him not to make any mistake. He says I know, you should have woke me up by a cup of tea. He sees Mohi and asks is that my tea. She says no, its for Ayush, I will get tea for you. Shanta asks does Ayush wake up so early. Mohi says yes and goes to give tea. Shanta thinks why is Mohi being so caring towards Ayush, there is something fishy.

Mohi gets tensed as someone rings the bell. She asks who is it and sees Satish. She opens the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

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