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Mohi 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayush reading Mohi’s letter. She asks does he think Satyakam is bad man, he is a very good man so he has left Ayush alive. She says she also wishes Ayush to succeed in his career, but Satyakam takes care of all villagers, will he send him to jail. Ayush sees Satyakam’s pic and gets thinking. He is about to tear her letter angrily and stops by getting Anusha’s call. Anusha says I know you are upset, so I did not stop you, I hope you are feeling better now. She says just think this is destiny, you will get any better story, your career won’t end by this story going missing. Ayush recalls Mohi’s words and Satyakam.

Anusha says everything happens for good, maybe its beneficial for you or others for his story not to be published. Ayush recalls how Satyakam saved him from

Pratap. Anusha says I know the story was important, you will get many stories. Ayush sees Mohi’s letter. Anusha says just be sure, your story does not make anyone sad or hurt them, I know you won’t do anyone’s wrong for your good, you will succeed, even if its later, as good happens with good people. Ayush thanks her and says you have lightened a big burden off my heart. She says she has to go hospital and will call later. She ends call. Ayush recalls Anusha’s words and takes off the USB. He says I forgot this pendrive now, Satyakam’s file is deleted forever.

Its morning, Rekha checks the newspaper for Ayush’s big story. Anusha greets her. Rekha asks about Satyakam related article, she is excited to see Ayush’s name, there is nothing. Anusha says Ayush’s story did not publish. Rekha asks why, is there any special edition. Rekha reminds Anusha’s promise and asks her to meet Rahul. Rekha praises Rahul. Anusha says whatever, I will go as I promised, don’t expect anything more, will you have coffee. Rekha says sure. Anusha goes. Rekha says meet Rahul once, you will forget Ayush.

Madhur reads paper and Mohi tries seeing it. Swati asks her what is she seeing. Madhur says she would be finding Ayush’s story like me. He says there is no story in it. Madhur says Ayush should have kept backup of imp story. Ayush comes and Madhur asks why did he not keep any backup of his story. Madhur scolds him. Ayush says he has went to temple to make a new start, and asks them to pray for his career. They smile.

Rekha tells Vinay that there is surprise for him. He says this itself is surprise for him. Rekha says she is going out with Anusha for lunch. He says great, take Ayush along. He says I m going to Ayush’s home to fix engagement date. Anusha smiles. Vinay says Aai told about Sunday. Rekha says I also suggested Sunday, but you finalized as your Aai said. He says she is your Aai too. Rekha asks really, I did not feel so. He asks whats her problem with Aai.

Archana joins them and brings tea. Rekha taunts Vinay and Archana about their Aai. Vinay holds his head. Rekha leaves. Archana asks Vinay to make a call and go to Ayush’s home. She says Mohi is also from Bhuvana, its same place you went many years ago. Vinay recalls Bhuvana and Mahua. He gets sad and goes.

Ayush comes to know SK has come to meet him. He thinks its Satyakam.

Update Credit to: Amena

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