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Mohi 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swati asking Anjali to stay with Deepa, as Shanta needs a room. Anjali denies to share room with Deepa, what about privacy. Swati asks what will happen, go and get your belongings. Shanta fumes. Kaki tries to talk to Mohi has done in this house and how they got habitual to her. Manohar asks Shanta not to be angry.

Ayush talks to Mohi and asks her why did she do this. She says sorry. He asks why is she sorry, she makes others say sorry. He taunts her as no one has seen her true face. She says sorry ends all the fights. He says you say sorry easily by ruining anyone’s life, you are using your Nana’s formula once, your sorry mantra will not work on Shanta, you can’t fool my family now, start counting days. She looks at him, and says its not easy for to be suhaagan and stay

such life without sindoor and mangalsutra.

Ayush gets shocked. Anusha calls him and he says he is reaching there. Mohi gets sad. Ayush asks Anusha to come on time and sees Mohi. Manohar and Kaki talk about that Prasad, and Shanta’s reaction on Mohi. Kaki says Shanta has set in Anjali’s room, Swati and Madhur also talk about Shanta’s anger. Sharad asks Shubhangi about drinking that Prasad. She says sorry, I did not know. He says its good if nothing such happens again. Madhur says I can’t meet Mausi”s eyes, I m ashamed, did you not think about that Prasad. Swati says I did not know. Madhur says he is worried for Mohi, as Mausi will not leave her.

Ayush and Anusha are in café. Ayush tells her what Mohi did with Shanta and acts like her to show the scene. Anusha smiles. Ayush asks why is she smiling, what was funny in it, Mohi can do anything, she did what we all did not do till now, she is mad. She says he is concerned for Mohi now, he did not get irritated or feel bad of Mohi this time, it means he is getting caring towards her. Ayush gets thinking. She says its your duty to take care of Mohi as she has come with you.

The family sits for breakfast. Shanta comes and looks angrily at Mohi. Everyone get tensed. Shanta says forget the old things, I don’t remember old things, I have forgotten it, you also forget it. The family gets glad. Mohi smiles and asks did you forgive me. Shanta says yes. Mohi says she has forgotten everything at night itself. Kaki asks Shanta to have food. Shanta asks them to send tea in her room. Shanta goes. They all say Mohi did not see Shanta’s anger. Its good Shanta has forgiven Mohi. Mohi says she will make tea for Shanta.

Mohi takes tea for Shanta and gives her. She cleans the floor. Shanta puts hot tea on Mohi. Mohi screams. Shanta hurts her more and acts sweet to fool her. Mohi says she will be fine in few days. Shanta says my hand got shaken, I m sorry, I m feeling your pain, and fakely cries. Shanta apologizes to her. Mohi asks what is she doing, don’t apologize without mistake. Mohi leaves. Shanta smiles and says she does not forget and forgive. This is just beginning, see what happens next with Mohi.

Rekha tells someone that I don’t have time, I have to stop this marriage, do anything, we have to send Ayush away. Vinay hears her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. thanks nice

  2. My God what rubbish is this? Stop all this nonsense and show some good things to people. This serial is boring and day by day this serial is getting weirder. I dont understand why star plus is coming with a lot of new serials because all the serials are the same. The best serial was Ek Haseena Thi.

  3. I Disagree With Your Statement Mohi Is A Good Show Featuring On What A Typical Village Girl Would Do In Urban Center You Need To Watch Keenly And See A Unique Family Embrassing A Stranger With Full Love We Should Give Them More Time From Nigeria In Africa

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