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The episode starts with Rekha and Vinay coming to Gokhale house. Rekha asks where is Ayush, is there any secret of him, which we don’t know. Ayush and Anusha come home and asks about Manohar. Rekha says I was waiting for you both and asks Madhur to check this card. Madhur reads aloud about marriage breakup ceremony of Anusha and Ayush. They all get shocked.

He asks Rekha whats all this, do you want this. Rekha says no, I m Anusha’s mum, why will I want this, I got this card by courier in morning, and I m shocked. Vinay says our relatives also got this card. Ayush asks who is doing all this. Rekha says I m getting calls from unknown number, and that caller told me that Ayush is a fraud, he can’t be trusted and asked me to break Anusha’s marriage with him, but I did not take it seriously and

did not tell anyone. Vinay says I still feel its some prank. Rekha says its serious matter now, we have to do something, I have come here to know the truth. Vinay says caller said its our well wisher. Sharad says who will do this. Shanta smiles and says it means well wisher wants to say Ayush and Anusha’s relation will break, but why, just he can say. Kaki asks her not to get bad meanings, Ayush and Anusha’s relation will never break, we don’t know who is doing this.

Anusha tears the card and throws it. She says I don’t care for all this. Rekha says truth won’t change if you don’t care. Mohi says we should know who is doing this and why. Madhur says Mohi is saying right, we have to find that person, who wants to break Ayush and Anusha’s relation. Rekha says I will call police. Shanta says no Rekha ji, it will spoil our name. Rekha says I will not sit quiet till I find the truth. Anusha asks what will you find, about caller or motive. Rekha says both, and I won’t let you stay here with Ayush. Anusha holds Ayush’s hand and says I won’t come, if you take me, you will be letting that caller win, Ayush is not cheating me, I trust him. Rekha says this is your blind love. Anusha says sorry mum, I can’t come with you. Rekha and Vinay leave.

Mohi thinks to leave soon, and not stay here, as matter is getting worse. Anusha checks Manohar and says BP is somewhat high, take rest and no need to worry. Ayush asks her to check medicines. She checks and says its fine. Manohar says I will not get help by getting fine, I want masala tea right now, that will be help. Manohar says I m joking, you both don’t make faces. Ayush says you are saying as if I don’t know you. Manohar says no one will let me eat bhajiyas now. They laugh.

Ayush gets a call from office and goes. Mohi washes clothes and recalls Rekha’s words. Satish comes and asks Mohi to wash his clothes too. He throws the clothes and leaves. Mohi checks the pants before putting in water, and gets some paper. She checks it and gets shocked seeing its same matter which was printed in the card.

Mohi says it means Satish has done all this. Satish comes back to get the note. Mohi scolds him and says I will tell your truth to everyone. Satish says no, I will explain you, wait. She says explain Manohar and everyone, not me. He stops her and says I will kill you if you tell anyone, think well. She scolds him and asks him to move off her way, else she will shout. He runs to tell Shanta. He says Mohi got that matter note and read it. Shanta gets shocked. She scolds him and calls him a fool. She says Mohi will expose us, take Deepa and leave, I will manage Mohi before she does something. Mohi hears Ayush talking on phone. Shanta stops Mohi.

Shanta asks Mohi what work does she have. Mohi says I have to have work with Ayush. Shanta says oh, just say it that you have work with your husband. Mohi says no and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This mohi b*t*h is so dumb. What is her purpose there anyways? She wanted to b a doctor and look at her….working as a maid. This episode pissed me off the way the writers portrayed her. Really couldn’t we see some positivity in this show. These old ladies are uneducated and have nothing better to do but cause trouble and commit evil acts. No good examples. Liberty women don’t make them like dumb b*t*hes. NOW I KNOW WHY INDIA LOVES USA. can’t try that shit here. Change this show’s direction and let mohi become somebody or send her back to her village.

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