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Mohi 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayush saying Satish is this blackmailer. Nilesh asks are you mad, how can you say this. Ayush says yes, why did Mohi tell Satish. Nilesh says I don’t think this is possible. Ayush gets Satish’s call again and puts it in speaker. Satish asks him did he not check the letter. Ayush says no, I did not get any letter. Satish says don’t double cross me, don’t waste my time. Ayush asks him not to waste his time. Satish says fine, I will send another copy, I have original letter. Ayush asks his staff member to trace the call. He gets to know the location and tells Nilesh that his doubt is right, the call came from location close to my house. Nilesh and Ayush get worried. Nilesh says Satish knows, it means family members can also know this.

Ayush says I don’t think anyone

else knows, if I don’t give money to Satish, he will tell others. Nilesh asks why did he say he kept letter in bag. Ayush says he is just scaring, he has no letter. Nilesh asks how to catch Satish. Ayush says its time for my recording, I will just come, stay here. Nilesh says fine, best of luck.

Rekha is doing arrangements. Aaji says I m glad seeing you accept Ayush. Anusha comes and Rekha tells her about arrangements from five star hotel. She asks Ayush’s choice and likes in food. Anusha is sad. She asks Rekha to cancel this party, as Ayush can’t come. Rekha asks what, Ayush promised me that he would come in party, so I invited so many guests, I can’t believe this. Anusha says yes, he promised, he can’t keep up his promises, he made many promises to me too, he won’t come. Rekha says how come, its between me and him, stay out of it, there has to be some reason.

Rekha asks why won’t he come. Aaji asks Anusha is everything fine. Anusha says I slept late at night, that’s why my eyes are swollen, where is dad. Rekha says did you dad tell me his schedule till now, I came to know Vinay went to airport, and now he is not receiving my calls, I don’t know. Aaji asks Anusha to come with her, she needs to talk. Anusha goes with Aaji.

Anjali asks Kaki to make something. Kaki says I will cook food. Shanta asks Kaki about Anusha, did she go to hospital without meeting me, what is the hurry, she is bahu, its not big thing if she is doctor, many women work outside and do household work also. Kaki asks Anjali to wear saree in her friend’s marriage. Shanta says I m asking something about Anusha, don’t reply, fine, don’t act to be deaf. Kaki asks Anjali did she talk to Ayush. Anjali says no, Ayush is busy. Kaki says Ayush is anchor on tv channel, he has much work, don’t disturb him.

Shanta asks Kaki why is she bringing Anjali in between. Kaki says I m not talking to you, I m explaining Anjali, why is my words hurting you as if you have thief in your heart. Shanta says you are blaming me, am I thief.

Kaki scolds Shanta and they argue. Aaji asks Anusha to share things with her, which she could not tell Rekha. She says Vinay went without telling me, did you get the letter by Mohi, from where did she sent it, from Bhuvana? Anusha asks why do you want to know, I have urgent work with dad. Aaji asks her to message Vinay, he will call you when he gets time.

Ayush comes to Nilesh and says we can’t wait more, we have to do something before Satish does something, we have to lay a trap, call Satish, take this number. Ayush asks Nilesh to call from Ram Bhau and asks Satish to meet, he will come for sure, as he used to do betting with Ram Bhau, he will come for greed, then we will make him accept all the truth. Nilesh says fine, and takes Satish’s number.

Anusha says I have to talk something urgent with Vinay. Aaji worries that Vinay did not say Mohi is Anusha’s sister, how will Anusha react, what shall I do. Anusha tries calling Vinay. Aaji says I don’t know what you want to talk to Vinay, but I can say that sometimes we have to say such truth that shakes our existence, don’t take any decision in hurry.

Ayush and Nilesh beat up Satish. Ayush gets the letter and reads it. He asks how did you get this letter. Satish says from Shanta Mausa, we both know you are married to Mohi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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