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The Episode starts with Kaki showing jewelry to Manohar. She says she is thinking to show this to Anusha to take her opinion, they can make new one if she does not like this. Satish comes to them and tells about his loans and business problems. Manohar says fine, after Ayush’s marriage expenses, we will see to deal with your problems. Satish says no, I m not asking for money, you are already doing big favor for giving me new chance to make my relation fine.

Mohi comes there to talk to Kaki. Satish asks how did you come inside, don’t come till we call you. Mohi goes. Manohar asks Satish why did he send Mohi. Satish says its jewelry worth lakhs, she is a maid, how can you let her see. Manohar asks Mohi to come inside. Kaki says she works for us, but she is like our family member. Kaki asks Mohi

to come. Mohi asks about vegs. Kaki asks her to keep vegs in fridge and sleep.

Its morning, Ayush’s friend tells his story plan of a man living with his two wives, and his wives don’t know this plan. Ayush thinks he is in same situation. His friend says it will be great to see how both wives stay happy. He sees Anusha and says Bhabhi. Mohi also stops. Anusha smiles. He jokes on Anusha coming here on trial.

Anusha argues with him and they all smile. Kaki says Ayush will beat his friend Ritesh now. His friend says I m joking. Ayush thinks this is my life’s truth Ritesh, I will tell her the truth, let anything happen. He asks Ritesh to go office, he will come in some time. Ritesh greets them and leaves. Kaki asks Anusha to come with her. Kaki shows the jewelry to Anusha and asks her does she like it.

Ayush sits to write mail to Anusha. He writes about Mohi, that he was married to Mohi in Bhuvana. Kaki makes Anusha wear the necklace and says you look beautiful, these designs are made of pure gold. Anusha likes it and finds it rare and antique, it gives royal feel. Kaki and Swati smile. Ayush says I was helpless and did not had option. I thought about you, my life got saved, but this marriage is not true, how to explain you, I thought how to explain this truth. Anusha comes and says you have to say truth Ayush. He looks at her.

Anusha asks him to say how is she looking. She asks why is he behaving like she caught his mistake. She gets close to him and asks him to see in his eyes, and say how is she looking. Mohi comes and they get away. Anusha asks her to come. Ayush scolds Mohi for not knocking on door and coming. He asks why did she come. Mohi says Swati is calling Anusha. Ayush says leave now, tell Aai Anusha will come in some time. Mohi apologizes and leaves. Anusha asks Ayush what is his problem with Mohi. Ayush asks her to hear his new story and give her review. She agrees.

Anusha asks how can the man marry for second time. Ayush says the man loves the girl a lot and wants to marry her. Anusha says I think he should stay with the girl he married and forget his love. He asks what will that girl whom he loves do then.

Update Credit to: Amena

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