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Mohi 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap saying about Mohi and Ayush’s marriage to get done again by all rituals. Ayush and Mohi get stunned. Mahua cries seeing Mohi. Ayush recalls Anusha and cries. Its morning, Mohi sits sad. Mahua misses her dad. Ayush asks the men to open the door, he wants to go. Anusha cries recalling Ayush and is on the way. Mohi, Ayush and Anusha are shown crying. The tribal women dance in the function. Mohi is brought there and made to sit. Ayush recalls his dad Madhur.

Savant says we will reach there in some time. Mahua applies haldi to Mohi. Ayush says I have to go and the men stop him. Savant and Anusha are still on the way. Mohi is given the bath, and recalls how she fell in this problem and had to lie to Pratap to save Ayush. The ladies paficy Mahua and asks her to accept Mohi’s marriage and fate. Mahua cries.

Ayush says he won’t go. The men scold him that they will not leave him alive if he turns his face and refuses to marry Mohi. The man warns him and asks him to get ready as the groom. Ayush looks at the groom’s clothes. Anusha sleeps on the way. Savant makes the car slow and she wakes up. He says we will stop at some dhaba. She says no, we have to reach there, its imp, lets not stop anywhere. He says fine.

Mahua sees the ladies making Mohi ready for the marriage. Mohi recalls Mahua beating her and crying. She thinks about Ayush’s words about his to be fiancée Anusha. She gets sad. Ayush and Anusha are also sad.

Anusha gets worried as tyre punctures. Ayush comes in the mandap to marry Mohi.

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