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Mohi 4th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanta doing drama and crying. Kaki and Swati console her. Madhur talks to Anjali. He says maybe she was right, but the way was wrong. He asks her not to do such again. Shanta packs her bags. Sharad asks her not to go for his sake. Shanta cries and says I can’t stay here. Madhur says if Shanta leaves today, it will be failure of our values. He asks Anjali to apologize to Shanta and stop her from leaving.

Shanta comes and asks Anjali does she have to insult her more. Anjali apologizes to her and says I did a big mistake. Shanta asks what did you say, I did not hear it. Anjali says it again, and asks her to stay with them. Sharad asks Shanta to stay with them now, and not leave them like this. Everyone ask Shanta to stay back.

Shanta acts like doing a favor on them

by staying here. Anjali leaves. Shanta thinks to cut Anjali’s feathers too, as Shanta does not forget anything easily.

Its morning, Manohar wakes up and asks for newspaper. Mohi comes and helps him. He gives him the newspaper and tells him that she has to go Bhuvana to get her certificates. He says you said as if you will never come back, why are you going, send someone and get it. Shanta hears them. Mohi says I thought to meet my mum there, I miss her. He says yes, then you have to go. We all will come along with you. Mohi gets tensed. Manohar says we will see your village, it will be picnic for us and meet your family.

Rekha checks some letters. She gets a wedding invitation and finds it strange. She tells Vinay about it, that they are no sender details. Vinay checks it and reads its invitation for marriage breakup of Anusha and Ayush. He gets shocked. Rekha says what, its about out self respect in society. He says I think its same man, who is troubling you with blank calls, we should ignore this card and not get worried. She asks how can I ignore it, its serious issue. He asks her to relax, and says this person is seeing us, if we worry, he will win. We should be careful while informing police, so that we don’t show we care. They both get calls on their mobiles. They say this cards have reached our relatives too, and now this matter is very serious.

Ayush and Anusha are on the way. She hugs him and says they love each other and trust is the big thing in it. Ayush gets guilt conscious. They have a sweet talk. She says we will start a new life and then after many years we will celebrate our anniversary. They talk about their children and she says they will give them tips. He asks does she trust him a lot. She says a lot, and kisses him. She says she will always trust him, even if the world changes. He smiles and says we are cut off from the world, our mobiles are switched off from nights, shall we on it now. He gets some message and gets worried. He says Manohar has got a minor heart attack, Anjali has messaged. She says don’t worry, he will be fine. Ayush asks driver to take them home directly.

Rekha tells Gokhales about some unknown caller, that caller said Ayush is a fraud, and asked me to break the marriage. Ayush, Anusha and Mohi are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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