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Mohi 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anusha recalling Ayush and Mohi. She cries recalling Ayush’s promise. She thinks what Rekha told her about the wellwisher’s call. She thinks Ayush lied to me, I regarded Mohi as my younger sister, she cheated me. She says I hate you…. And cries.

Satish comes to Shanta. Shanta asks how much money did you get. He says I will get money, prepare to celebrate, is everything fine, did anything happen. She says not yet. He leaves. Shanta thinks Satish will be trapped.

Aaji calls Anusha. Anusha is crying in his room. Anusha does not answer, and Aaji worries. Anusha reads the letter again. She recalls Mohi. She says Ayush and Mohi have hidden this from me. She gets sad and thinks of her moments spent with Mohi. Anusha thinks Mohi did not come back, Ayush said Mohi sent

a letter, I got this letter by chance, I got another letter too. She checks the other letter. She redads it, and checks both letters. She says handwriting is different in both, how can this happen, it means Mohi did not write this letter, it means Ayush lied to me and made someone write this, he gave me intentionally so that I don’t go to Bhuvana.

Ayush is in his office and recalls the blackmailer’s words. He hears the recording again. Ayush says I heard this voice somewhere and recalls Satish. He calls Nilesh and asks him to come to his office, I think I know that blackmailer, come fast. Peon tells Ayush that boss called him.

Anjali asks Anusha to open the door. Anusha sits sad looking at the letters. Anjali thinks Anusha is resting and goes. Anjali tries talling Ayush and thinks what happened between Ayush and Anusha. She tells Kaki that I m worried, Anusha is not opening the door, is she sleeping or is there something else, Ayush is not taking the call as well. Kaki worries and says I will see. Anusha keeps the letters in her purse and cries.

She picks the things she has thrown. Kaki asks Anusha to open the door. Anusha opens the door. Kaki asks her what happened, why are your eyes swollen. Anusha says I slept till late. Anjali and Kaki smile. Kaki says we got worried. Anusha says sorry. Kaki says its fine, come and have breakfast. Anusha says I m not hungry, I have to go to dad’s house right now. Kaki asks why suddenly. Anusha says no, I got some imp work, if I get late at night, don’t worry.

Kaki asks why are you crying, what is the matter. Anusha gets sad. Anusha says I caught cold. Kaki goes. Anjali asks Anusha how was everything at night. Anusha says it was nice, it was like a dream, then suddenly I got to know all the truth that Ayush is not like he is seen. Anjali says so romantic, then… Anusha says yes, like a fairy tale, I will tell later, I m getting late, let me go. She leaves. Ayush meets Nilesh and makes him hear the recording. Ayush says this man is Deepa’s husband, Satish. Nilesh is shocked.

Rekha asks Anusha about Ayush’s likes. Anusha asks Rekha to cancel this party. Rekha asks what. Anusha says Ayush can’t come.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t know when ayush find out that anusha know about his marriage with mohi what he will tell her?also their marriage will shatter

  2. Where is mohi..?

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