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Mohi 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Satish talking to Ayush. He says I m afraid Deepa will refuse to come with me. Mohi comes and gives water to Satish. Satish says finally you guys kept a maid. Ayush says she is not any maid. Shanta asks then is she owner of the house, we give her salary, clothes and food, she is maid. Mohi leaves. Ayush asks Satish not to worry, he will try his best to unite him and Deepa.

Ayush calls Anusha. He tells her about Satish. She recalls how Satish cheated Ayush. She asks why did Satish come. Ayush says Satish changed, he has apologized to Deepa and family, he will be staying here till our marriage. She asks what, will he stay there. He says yes, why. She says anything can happen, I feel bad. Ayush says relax, he changed, he is not the man you met. She says I hope you are saying right,

but be alert, don’t let Deepa go with him, till Deepa agrees to go, support Deepa.

Shanta and Satish laugh on his acting. He says he did not know he is such good actor. He is glad meeting Mausi, I m helpless to stay here, I m interested in money, not Deepa. Shanta asks him to talk in low tone, he goes. She is glad to make Satish follow her.

Mohi is glad as she has seen concern in Ayush’s eyes. She thanks Lord. Shanta comes there and hears Mohi saying about keeping fast for Ayush. Shanta asks her what are you saying. Mohi says she was praying for Deepa and Satish’s union. Shanta asks why, you are not part of our family, you do your work, clean Deepa’s room, go.

Shanta tells Deepa about Satish. Deepa says why will he stay here in my room. Shanta says he is your husband, where else will he stay. She asks Mohi to clean room. Mohi is hurt and sweeps the room. Deepa sees her and says she will clean the room. Mohi says I will manage. Deepa says see your state, I will go. Mohi thanks her and says you are very good. Deepa says I was more better before marriage, this life made me irritating and angry. Deepa asks Mohi not to marry ever.

Deepa says her relation has hurt her a lot, its just for namesake. Mohi thinks my relation is not of namesake also, your husband has come here to take you, my husband dislikes me and wants me away from him, you and Satish will unite, but my relation will be same. Swati gets dizzy. Mohi holds her and asks her what happened. Mohi asks her who did not have breakfast today. Swati says I did not have breakfast, I kept fast for Ayush. Kaki comes there and hears them.

Mohi says that’s why you got unwell, eat something. Swati refuses. Mohi says no, I have seen you got unwell. Swati says I kept fast for Ayush, I can’t break it. Kaki asks did she fast by pandit’s words. Kaki asks Swati not to keep fast for Ayush by hurting herself, Ayush will get annoyed knowing this, and we all love him, our prayers will keep her fine. She gives breakfast to Swati. Kaki makes her eat food. Swati cries. Mohi thinks she will keep fast for Ayush and also light diya.

Ayush writes mail for Anusha and thinks how to tell her the truth about marriage with Mohi. Anusha says you have to say truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am so fed up with this serial. This serial is so boring and stupid. What kind of crazy serial is this. People can say whatever they want but all the serials on star plus are the same. Of course the nigerian people love this show because in nigeria they all dress like mohi. Other than that this show must go off air. It shows to lie and how to take revenge. Bullshit and crap. Shanta is a old hag. She shoukd look her face in the mirror wicked witch.

  2. Pearley hobaichan

    I agree with Jenya stupid show lies and lies

  3. Jenya you are made mistakes to said Nigerian people dress like mohi that one is not true, about the the drama am tired for it too,because it very slow and really boring.

  4. mary christodoulou

    I cant understand why the makers of this serial have destroyed it started so nice but now is so boring better to end it…..can they see it ???

  5. When will Shanta go back? She is creating problems. She is a witch.

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