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Mohi 3rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Ayush about Mohi. Pratap says don’t know what he did with Mohi and slaps him. The villagers ask Ayush to tell about Mohi and beat him. Anusha gets up from her sleep and feels restless, while Ayush gets beaten up. Mohi also gets restless and hears Mahua calling her. She greets Lord and runs to see. Anusha packs her bag. Archana asks where is she going. Anusha says to find Ayush. Pratap beats Ayush and asks about Mohi. Mohi comes to the house and sees Ayush gone.

Pratap says this is against our tribal rule, Mohi can’t stay with any stranger like this. Ayush says I did not do anything. Anusha comes to Savant and asks about Ayush. Savant says we will know till evening, I spoke to that area’s SP. She says I can’t wait till evening. Pratap takes the knife

and is about to stab Ayush. Mohi comes to temple again and sees sindoor there. Pratap says Ayush has not right to live. Mohi comes there and calls out Pratap. Pratap stops and everyone turn to see Mohi. Mahua gets shocked seeing sindoor in Mohi’s maang.

Mohi goes to Pratap and pushes him. She asks how dare he touch her husband. Ayush gets shocked. Mahua cries in disbelief. Pratap and entire villagers get shocked. Anusha asks Savant where did Ayush go, why can’t he say, Ayush’s life is in danger. Savant says Ayush went to hill area Bhuvana, communication is not good there, relax I hope he is fine. She says no, I can’t be in peace till I find Ayush.

Mohi says she is Ayush’s wife. Ayush signs no. Mohi signs him to be silent. Anusha says she is going Bhuvana. Savant says okay, give me 5mins, I will come with you. She nods. Mahua slaps Mohi and scolds her. Pratap says this is all an acting, Mohi is lying to save Ayush. The villagers ask Pratap to forgive Mohi and Ayush. Pratap thinks he has to kill Ayush to get Mohi and scolds the villagers. They all stop Pratap and say we have to protect Mohi’s husband now. Pratap thinks his plan flopped.

Anusha and Savant are on the way. She asks about Bhuvana. He says the people are very innocent, and some goons have tried to use then, the people are scared of outsiders, they get aggressive. Anusha says Ayush can never hurt anyone. Savant thinks Ayush went to find Satyakam and that can make lot of people unhappy. Pratap says fine, this village has some rules, marriage happens by all rituals and elder’s blessings, infront of all, then we will accept this marriage. They all agree to Pratap. Ayush signs no to Mohi.

Pratap tells Mohi that now marriage will happen by his rules now. Mohi gets tensed. Ayush says what nonsense, we did not get married. Mohi is lying. Pratap says when village girl said you married her, then its true, she will not lie. Ayush asks Mohi to say the truth. Ayush recalls Anusha’s words and gets teary eyed.

The men ask Ayush to get ready as groom. Ansha says its imp for u to reach Bhuvana. Mohi gets ready as bride.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is similar to the serial Rang Badalti Odhani
    Hmm they can’t create any new story all the serials are same old stories with new characters

  2. One would think all Indians get married unintentionally or under coercion.

  3. Wat will happen now?????

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