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The Episode starts with Ayush telling Madhur about Satyakam story and then he will be star journalist. Mohi hears this and gets shocked. Anusha tells the same to Rekha. Rekha says really, and what if he falls. Sharad asks Madhur not to get angry, he knows Satyakam too, the story will be hit, if Satyakam gets arrested, this news will work for Ayush. Mohi thinks everyone prays for Ayush’s success, I did not know his success is the price of Satyakam’s life.

Anusha says Rekha would accept Ayush with her heart if this happens. Rekha says done, but if this story does not bring any change, you will marry where I say. Anusha asks how can she say this, she will marry whom she loves and understands, and she does not want her married life to be like her parents. Anusha says Ayush made her believe marriage.

Rekha argues. Anusha says fine, I accept your challenge, I will not tell dad, don’t worry, I know Ayush will prove you wrong. She goes.

Manohar and Sharad play chess and discuss about Satyakam. Mohi hears them. Monahar says how can we be sure he is alive. Sharad says Ayush went Bhuvana to collect evidence. Manohar says maybe Satyakam was true. Sharad says not possible, else why would he hide for 2 years, he will be arrested and punished, our Ayush will become hero. Mohi thinks everyone is misunderstanding Satyakam, they don’t know how much Satyakam loves everyone.

Swati talks to Madhur and defends Ayush. Madhur is angry and argues. Kaki comes to them and says I know you are Ayush’a parents, but don’t hurt his heart from today. She cries and says she will scold them infront of everyone. Swati goes after her. Madhur says their love spoiled Ayush.

Ayush talks to Anusha and asks why did his parents get angry on him. Anusha pacifies him. He asks why is she sounding low, if her mum upset with his arrest news. She thinks how to tell him his doubt is right and denies it. She says I m worried for Deepa, Satish is not doing right. Ayush says maybe he is innocent. She asks what will he do now. He says we have to talk to Deepa first to find solution. Anusha says that’s why you did not take Satish’s name, I love and respect you more. He thanks her for motivating him to complete Satyakam’s story and says I love you too. She wishes him all the best. He asks her to sleep and ends call.

Mohi recalls their words and wakes up by the dream. She drinks water. She asks what is Ayush going to do with Satyakam. Its morning, Mohi hears Ayush showing the Satyakam’s story complete to Sharad. The kids see the computer on as Ayush goes with Sharad. They delete the file. Mohi goes there. Sneha says don’t tell Ayush that we have touched his laptop and runs. Ayush tells Anusha that he will get story published till tomorrow. He asks Mohi not to tell anyone she knows Satyakam, if police knows, she will also go to jail. He takes laptop and leaves.

Rekha asks Anusha to keep smiling. Anusha says she will be smiling, as Ayush’s story will be published tomorrow. Ayush goes for the conference and says its good Anant did not come. Ayush sees his senior. The man says he is the new chief editor DK, Dheerak Kapoor. Ayush says sorry and his boss looks strict. Rekha tells Anusha that I m happy knowing Ayush will lose, and fixed lunch with Maya and her son. Anusha smiles and is confident. She tells Vinay that he will be proud of Ayush. Vinay says I m still proud of him.

Ayush’s boss scolds him and asks the staff to work on time, he wants exclusive news. He asks Ayush about his story on Satyakam. Dheeraj asks Ayush to do as he says. Ayush says story is ready and checks the file. He does not get the file and is shocked.

Ayush scolds Mohi and says Satyakam’s story is gone, what did she do with his laptop.

Update Credit to: Amena

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