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The Episode starts with Shanta asking Mohi to clean her slipper and make it new. She humiliates Mohi. She asks Mohi what is she staring, and asks her to take the slipper. Shanta says my slipper is more costly than you and asks her to be careful. Mohi takes the slipper. Ayush looks on. Shanta taunts the family that they are combing hair with slipper. She says what am I seeing here. Mohi gets sad and cries. She recalls people praising her in village.

Archana talks to someone and call disconnects. She cries. Anusha comes there and says she was finding her. She asks why is Archana worried. Archana says I had some headache. Ayush says he has seen first time that Mohi did stupidity to get insulted. She says its okay. He says you got insulted, what about it, Shanta has scolded my family too. I m not scolding

you, you have to chance, Mausi will punish you if you did mistakes, if family found cute.

Shanta dislikes the tea and scolds Swati. Swati apologizes. Shanta tells Manohar that she called him many times, but they all were busy, she had to come from station alone. Kaki asks her to forget it. Shubhangi says Sharad and she has spoken about her yesterday. Shanta taunts her. Manohar says Shubhangi meant positive way. Shubhangi says yes. Madhur says they like when she comes. Ayush says yes, this is your house, you won’t go anywhere, as I won’t let you go. Shanta smiles and says I was leaving, you stopped me, I will go after your marriage, no one called me in engagement.

Vinay recalls Mohi’s words and thinks of Mahua. He looks at the drawing and FB shows Mahua and Vinay. Aaji comes and asks why did he stop making paintings, artists beings out his feelings through, did he learn suppressing his feelings. He says I changed, I became practical, painting is by heart, heart works when anyone inspires you. My inspiration ended. He gets sad.

He cries and lies in Aaji’s lap. He talks to her. Aaji says she trusts her children, world can get injustice, but Vinay can never do injustice with anyone. He asks really? What if I did injustice with anyone? She says then you must rectify your mistake in time. He says if that time passed then? She says there is hope, you realized your mistake in time, this is big thing, I know that person will forgive you.

Shanta asks Mohi about her father. Mohi says she does not know. Shanta taunts her asking does her mother know her father or not. Mohi cries and angrily argues with Shanta. Shanta asks what will you do. Mohi holds candle to burn Shanta’s slipper and asks her to apologize.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. why is there no subtitle?

  2. I hate Ayush, he keeps hurting mohi forgeting she saved his life countless times in the village. l hope he doesnt marry Anusha coz he doesnt deserve her!

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