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The Episode starts with Anusha asking Ayush whats happening. He says he was doing aid to Mohi’s feet. Anusha says you did not do this right, and why Mohi always gets hurt. She does the dressing. Mohi looks at Anusha. Kaki comes and asks Anusha when did she come, and what happened to Mohi. Ayush says Mohi got hurt by glass pieces. Kaki says yes, Manohar told me and I thought to clean in morning, I did not know Mohi will wake up so soon. Shanta asks why did Mohi wake up so soon. Mohi says I woke up as there was no power, I thought to do some work.

Anusha gives Prasad from temple for their well being and says i did not go my home and came here directly. Kaki asks Shanta to see Anusha, and says she is eager to see Anusha as her bahu. Satyakam comes to Mahua and says he is going to hospital. Mahua gives

him the food. Mohi’s teacher comes there and talks to Mahua.

Mahua asks her to read the article. The lady reads about Dr. Vinay Dixit honored for his service, he is in Pune hospital. The lady asks about Nana’s health. Mahua says Mohi is his cure, once he sees Mohi, he will get wish to live life. Ayush tells Anusha he will drop her. She says I got my car. He says his bike is missing her. She says sorry bike, I know you know my feelings, unlike others. He says he called her many times, she did not reply. Mohi looks on. Ayush says you could have atleast kept phone on, I would have heard your silence, and talks romantic. She kisses him on his cheek and smiles. Mohi looks on.

Ayush flirts with Anusha and they laugh. She apologizes to him. He says no need to say sorry, I m really sorry. Mohi thinks her fast effect has made them together and thanks Lord. Ayush says so we will not avoid calls. Anusha leaves. He smiles. Satish comes there. Ayush recalls what happened before. Satish says sorry and hugs him. He says he needed money that time, he chose wrong friends, he is not bad, he realized his mistake and changed completely, I came to take Deepa home. Ayush asks him to come inside and talk.

Deepa says she wanted to meet Anusha. Satish comes to them. They welcome Satish. Satish says he came to make his relation fine. He says he realized his mistake and requests Deepa to forget everything and come back with him to their home. He says I know I m responsible for everything. Shanta asks Deepa to go with Satish. Kaki says Deepa, mausi is saying right. But last decision will be yours, we will not force you. We all are with you. We will accept what you decide. Deepa smiles.

Shanta says I think Satish should stay here till Ayush’s marriage, if they stay together, they will patchup. Satish agrees to stay for Deepa. Deepa says fine, but it won’t be of any use. She goes.

Shanta says I know Deepa, don’t worry Satish, Deepa will agree. Shubhangi goes to Deepa and poacifies her. She asks her to give one more chance to Satish. Deepa gets angry and argues with her, saying you do not want me to stay here, so you are saying this, this is my life, and want to live on my terms, I don’t need your advice, you can leave.

Satish says finally you all kept a maid, its good. Ayush says Mohi is not any maid and feels bad for Mohi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ayush is changing slowly but its a good sign at least for mohi

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