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Mohi 31st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanta threatening Sushila Kaki. Sharad holds Kaki and makes her sit. Ayush recalls Mohi’s words to Mahua. Nilesh asks what are you thinking, is it about Mohi, do you have feelings for her. Ayush says no feelings, but whatever happened, it was wrong, what Mohi did for me, that’s different, no one knows all this, even Mahua and Satyakam came here, Mohi ended relations with them to stop them from coming inside my house, she insulted them and made them leave, Mahua cried a lot and left, Mohi did this for me. Nilesh says you mean Mohi shut all doors to Bhuvana too. Ayush says yes. Nilesh says then you did wrong to leave her there. Ayush says I had no option, I did mistake, I used to feel strange when Mohi was around. Nilesh says your feelings are understood. Ayush asks him not to

think anything. He says I m worried since this blackmailer’s call came.

Shanta goes to Kaki and wakes her up. She says I pity you, you used to say a lot, what happened now, you wanted to kick me out of the house, see your state now. She threatens Kaki and says I will ruin your house and you will just see all this. Kaki taunts her. She says I will not let you pass in your bad intentions. Shanta says its good if fight is equal, I m having fun. She says you’re your family will break, you can’t do anything. She taunts her and says I will get juice for you, you need strength. She leaves.

Kaki cries recalls Sharad and Shanta’s words. Kaki says whatever you do Mausi, I will not let my family break. Shanta goes to Sharad and asks him why is he sad. She praises him and says I m proud of you. He thanks her for the courage. She says listen to me, if there is divorce matter, don’t move back, else they will laugh on you. She says Shubhangi should be punished, I can’t forgive her. He agrees with her and is angry.

Sharad comes to Kaki and apologizes, saying she fainted because of Shubhangi. Kaki asks her to end this fight, can’t he see his kids, does he not miss Shubhangi, get them back. Sharad does not listen. Kaki and Anjali explain Sharad. Kaki says this never happened before in our house, go and rest. He says no, I won’t leave you like this, you are my Maa. Anjali asks him to listen to Kaki then. Kaki says no one had divorce in our family, it’s a curse for family. Sharad asks are you fine. Kaki says yes, you go, Anjali you too go, don’t tell this to Ayush and Anusha, they will get worried, I want them to be happy. Sharad and Anjali leave. Kaki says I don’t want to be here as ill person, I have to do something to save my family from Shanta, Lord give me strength.

Its night, Madhur asks Swati about Anjali. Swati reminds Anjali is with Anusha. Swati tells everyone that they will not let Ayush doubt on their acting, they will fool him that Anusha is ill and did not come downstairs since morning. Madhur says fine, you told this thrice. Swati says enough, I m telling you as you don’t know doing drama. Sharad and Kaki laugh on their arguments. Sharad says yes, Madhur once told all my plannings to Shubhangi. Madhur says I apologized for it. Sharad says I m saying because Shubhangi still… Madhur asks him to call Shubhangi if he is missing her badly. Sharad recalls Shubhangi’s words.

Ayush is on the way and stops as a woman comes infront. The vegs fall and he helps her. The woman keeps something in his bag.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shanta mousi u r just disgusting.Satish ,i m speechless.E a sab Na karke apna sharir Mein thodi si carefull raho.ur cutting is like dry chilli.

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