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The Episode starts with Rekha getting annoyed with Anusha. Anusha tries to explain. Shanta acts sweet with Anusha and asks her to cook for Mohi. Everyone talk about Anusha. Shubhangi says the food is smelling good, who is in kitchen. Kaki says maybe its Mohi, ask her to take rest. Shanta says no need, Mohi is not there, its about sweet bahu Anusha, she is making breakfast for Mohi, she is so lovely.

Rekha calls Kaki and asks about Anusha. She scolds Kaki for making Anusha cook and work on first day of marriage, they are three mother in laws and making Anusha work. She says Anusha is a doctor, did I get her married in your house to serve you all as your maid, and that too she is cooking for your maid Mohi. Kaki cries and says you are mistaken. Rekha says you are doing wrong.

Shanta fills Kaki’s

ears against Rekha. Sharad asks Kaki to end call and not bear this nonsense. He asks who told Anusha to go in kitchen. Anusha comes and hears this. Ayush looks on. Rekha hears Sharad’s scolding her on the call. Ayush defends Anusha and says Rekha is behaving like this. Sharad says whatever, I can’t see Kaki crying. Rekha gets angry. Shanta is glad and thinks to ignite fire in their relations.

Vinay comes to meet Gokhales and apologizes on what Rekha did. He says Anusha is very close to Rekha. Madhur says its okay, no need to say sorry, we forgot all that. Shanta taunts them saying relation is not equal. So either of them has to bend. Anusha comes and hugs Vinay. He says you look happy.

Ayush says I want to give you all a small surprise. He says I left Pune post job and joined satellite news. They all get glad. Ayush says this offer was from company, I m getting 25% extra salary. Vinay hugs Ayush. Swati says Anusha is lucky for Ayush. Ayush tells Anusha that he will come soon and they smile.

Mohi comes with her potli bag. She says its time for her to leave this house. Everyone look at her. She says now Ayush has got married, and today Anusha’s patphera will also happen, I have to go. Kaki says I know you are going Bhuvana to get certificates for future studies, but you are unwell now. Anusha says Mohi won’t go anywhere, till she gets well. She asks can I take Mohi along. Swati says yes, Mohi will keep doing work here, you take her. Mohi asks how can I go. Shanta asks her to go, and not worry about the work, Sushila and Swati will do everything. Swati says yes, go Mohi.

Ayush and Anusha come to meet Rekha with Vinay and Mohi. Its Anusha’s patphera ritual. Rekha gets shocked seeing Mohi. Vinay treats Mohi well. Rekha asks Vinay why did he get Mohi here. Anusha says you are mistaken, I have got Mohi here to take care of her. Vinay says she is our guest. Archana has taken Aaji for health check up. Vinay gives the good news to Rekha, about Ayush’s new job and brilliant story on Satyakam. Rekha congratulates Ayush. She says its great, atleast your family can keep an extra house help, as Mohi has become your family member now right. I can’t bear Anusha getting hurt in kitchen again. Ayush looks on.

Rekha argues with Anusha. Ayush gets angry and tells Anusha hat he is leaving. He leaves.

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  1. this is boring.when will the truth be out

  2. I hate ayush and his natak family. Making the new bride doing work for the maid. Rekha is right. Anusha is really stupid. She should know her class. The decision of hers to marry a third class person like ayush was wrong.

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