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The Episode starts with Pratap hurting Ayush. Mohi comes to his rescue and says Ayush did not do anything. Pratap says he knows what to do, and asks Satyakam not to pamper Mohi a lot. Mohi asks Satyakam to stop Pratap. She says Ayush risked his life to save her goat sundari, how can he hurt anyone. Pratap asks Mohi to stop it. She asks what will he do. He asks how much does she know Ayush. She says its enough, I have seen him falling from para gliding, I took him to my village, Nana asked him to rest for 2 days. Pratap says its 3 days now, why did he come in fair, why is he supporting Ayush, whats going on between them.

She gets shocked and asks him to shut his dirty tongue. Pratap hurts Ayush and she stops him. Pratap pushes Mohi and goes to stab Ayush. Satyakam holds his hand and slaps Pratap.

He asks him to get out of this house. Pratap leaves. Satyakam takes Ayush’s camera and phone from them and says Mohi trusts your truth, can you make me believe your truth? Ayush looks on.

Mahua says she is restless and asks for Mohi. Nana says she would be with her friends. He says he will go and find her. A lady comes and asks Nana to save her child, she has high fever. He says fine, which village is yours. She says some name. He says its very far. He says fine, I will come. He goes. Pratap calls police and informs him about Satyakam hiding in Bhuvana, and recalls the slap.

Ayush says he came back to see the fair, he came in disguise as city people are not allowed, he took pic as he was bowled over by his personality. He says he was inspired by him. Ayush thinks he can’t tell the truth, else he will be killed. Satyakam gets shocked seeing the police coming and scolds Ayush. Ayush gets shocked.

Anush talks to Ayush’s boss and asks about Ayush. She says she is Anusha, Ayush’s fiancée, she wants to know where he has sent Ayush. He says it’s a rule, we can’t share journalist’s location, I m sorry. Anusha says Ayush is in danger, I called him, someone else received the call and Ayush was screaming. She cries and says please help me, Ayush is in any problem, tell me where is he. He says don’t worry, if I get any info, I will call you. She asks if he does not get any info. He says I m sure Ayush is fine, wait for my call.

The police asks Satyakam to surrender. Satyakam asks Ayush is he police spy, how did police know he is alive. Ayush says no, I not any informer to police and shows his ID card of press channel. He says I m a reporter, the world thinks you are dead, I came to know is this true. Mohi scolds Ayush. Ayush says he can prove he did not call police and asks for a chance.

Pratap tells the men that Ayush has called police. Satyakam will sell us by joining hands with Ayush, so Satyakam has to die now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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