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The Episode starts with Ayush taunting Mohi about her father. He says your father was lucky to break off your mum’s trap, whereas I was not lucky. Mohi cries and asks why is he saying this. Ayush says he might be settled with his wife and children, and spending peaceful life, why do you want to bring a storm in his life, why do you want to spoil his life like you did mine. He takes water and thinks she can fool his family by acting innocent, but not him. He leaves.

She cries and thinks she did not tell anyone about her father, and did not complain, she wishes Anusha gets her share of happiness. Anusha talks to Ayush and tells about engagement pics. He says its nice, I feel we should marry soon, I m serious. She jokes that he needs to be in ICU, let our families fix marriage date, you can come anytime

to take me, I m dying to be with you. He thanks her and says he was feeling upset.

She asks about Mohi. He says I felt embarrassed because of her, I m sorry. She says I wanted to say we should help Mohi in finding her dad. He says she is just a maid, why is everyone giving her importance. She asks whats his problem, he talks rudely to her and insults her, what did she do. He says she forcibly came in my life and I can’t get rid of her. She asks what do you mean…

He says I mean Mohi is here, and I can’t make her leave this house. She says I m just saying we should help her. Vinay makes a painting and recalls Mohi. He recalls Mahua and makes a tribal woman’s drawing. Anusha comes there and sees the painting. She smiles and says Dad…. This is amazing, it this just sketch or a speaking picture, it looks a real woman, not an imagination, I love it. This reminds me of Bhuvana, Ayush told about women of Bhuvana, they are exactly like this.

He says really, the women are really such. He asks did Ayush not tell anything more. She says what Ayush said, the women keep some feathers in hair to get saved of animals. He recalls Mahua and says yes, Ayush would have seen many women, did he say about Mohi’s mum. Anusha says yes, Mohi’s mum did not like Ayush and wanted to send him away. He says Mohi’s mum’s name will also be different like her name. Anusha says Ayush did not tell me her name, maybe he does not know, and gets a call. He goes.

Vinay thinks how to find out Mohi’s mum’s name, he feels his old relations are going to come infront of him with new relations. Its morning, Vinay visits Gokhale family. Manohar says just me and Sushila are at home, everyone went. Kaki says Ayush is at home. Vinay thinks where is Mohi. Mohi comes and gives him water. Manohar says he has seen engagement pics, its good. Kaki asks him to come and talk to milk vendor. Mohi says she will make tea. Vinay stops her and says I won’t drink tea, you said you are from Bhuvana that day…

He asks is she from Bhuvana or nearby village. She says central Bhuvana. He asks her mum’s name. She gets stunned and asks how dare he ask her mum’s name. Ayush comes downstairs and looks on. He says Mohi…. And scolds her for disrespecting Vinay, uncle has just asked your mum’s name, he did not do any crime. She cries and says no one can ask my mum’s name, do anything,. Ayush says fine, leave my home right away. Manohar and Kaki come there and get shocked. Ayush asks Mohi to pack her bag and get lost.

Manohar asks what are you saying. Vinay says leave it, I did not feel bad. Ayush says you can forgive her, I can’t forgive her. Manohar says its little thing, why did Mohi say, Vinay just asked for your mum’s name. Mohi says its not little thing, she can’t bear if anyone asks her mum’s name.

She says her mum will die if anyone takes her name. Kaki asks what is she saying. Mohi says yes, my mum has curse of black mountain. She says her mum is her world, she did not see her father ever, She asks what do they want, her mum should die? She says Ayush, I will leave the city if you say, but I will not take my mum’s name. Vinay says I m sorry Mohi, I did not know this belief in your village, else I would have not asked. Kaki asks why did she not say before. Manohar asks Mohi not to worry, no one will ask her mum’s name. Vinay says I will leave. He thinks he could not find Mohi’s mum’s name, is she Mahua or someone else, don’t know….

Rekha asks Vinay why did he ask her mum’s name, are you going to find her father? She thinks Vinay is much interested in Mohi’s life, but why.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What is all this drama. All the series on star plus are the same. When will you show that ayush will respect mohi? His character is stupid and makes me angry. Ayush is not beter than Mohi. Ayush should be ashamed en he should starting respecting mohi. I’m getting bored watching this serial. Really make some changes otherwise this serial will also go off air just like other serials.

  2. I agree with Rina. This serial is getting boring and Rekha and Ayusj should shake hands because these two are both stupid and irritating. Ayush should stand by mohi bexause she is his wife. The ring at the engagement fell infront for Mohi that is a sign from God that Mohi is the one he should marry with and not Anusha. Make some changes and let Ayush fall in love with Mohi otherwise it will be boring and if this serial is boring I will stop watching .

  3. Rina and mellisa is absolutely right. .ayush should respect mohi bcoz if not for her ayush wil be dead by now..mohi saves ayush life many stil he think mohi took advantage of the situation..bilkul bakwas…plz plz make ayush realise that mohi is very important in his life…and plz make vinay know about mohi being his daughter.

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