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Mohi 30th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with pandit saying Ayush’s marriage has happened. They all get shocked. Mohi and Ayush get tensed. Ayush scolds pandit asking how can he joke like this. Manohar asks how can pandit say this. Kaki asks pandit to see again. Pandit says fine, maybe I did mistake. He checks again. Pandit says sorry, but Ayush will have much danger on him. Ayush says enough, I won’t hear any nonsense now. Kaki asks pandit it there no way to keep this problem away. Pandit says there is a solution, but tough. Ayush has to keep fast daily, morning to sunset, he has to eat food only one time. He says any family member should light pure ghee diya in morning.

Ayush says if anyone believes all this and does these rituals, I will never talk to that person. He asks pandit to leave. Shanta asks Ayush to

respect pandit ji. Ayush says I won’t hear what pandit says. Pandit says I m not saying this, your kundli is saying this, your marriage will get hurdles, its your wish to believe it or not. Pandit goes. They all ask him to stop. Shanta goes after pandit. Shanta gives him money for saying such things. She says she is very happy, he said very good dialogues of Ayush’s marriage and problems. The pandit leaves.

Mohi thinks pandit has some knowledge as he knows about Ayush’s marriage. She thinks even pandit’s words about problems are true, that Ayush will get into danger. She worries. Ayush is angry and tells Swati that Shanta did not do right by calling that pandit here. Swati worries for him and prays for his safety.

Manohar and Kaki talk what pandit said and does not believe it, as pandit said Deepa will be happy after marriage, but Deepa is not happy. Sharad comes to Anjali and asks for a pendrive for his work. She says I will get it. He asks why is she sad. She is worried for Ayush and says what pandit said. He asks her not to worry, every problem gets a solution, we will find it. She says everyone is worried, why did Shanta call pandit.

He says she is elder and they do kundli matching etc, she did right. She says everyone got sad, its superstitions, its Ayush’s love marriage. Will we stop marriage and forget Ayush and Anusha’s love if pandit said marriage is not possible. He says right, if Ayush and Anusha stay well, there won’t be any problem in marriage. He asks her not to worry and smile. She smiles. He says you look good when you smile, get pendrive for me. He jokes and laughs.

Ayush tells Swati that he does not believe all this, he believes in writing his fate himself. Madhur comes there and says Ayush is saying right Swati. This did not happen right today, that pandit filled tension in peaceful moment, we should believe Lord, and not worry about hurdles. Swati smiles and wipes her tears. Madhur holds Ayush. Shanta says she will do something out of limits.

Mohi sees Ayush falling down and runs to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh man! This Shanta is an evil. Why she wants to involve to other people’s lives. She doesn’t know how to stay in her limits.

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