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The Episode starts with Shubhangi’s parents scolding Kaki. Kaki apologizes to them and defends Sharad. She says he is innocent and not bad at heart. He loves his wife and kids a lot. She says I have seen him valuing them. Shanta says Sharad is very good, its not his sole mistake. Shubhangi looks at her. Shanta says I will go and get tea. Kaki apologizes on Sharad’s behalf.

Ayush tells Nilesh about Anusha going to Bhuvana and how he lied to her about Mohi to stop Anusha from going. Nilesh says I know Anusha and she will ask you details, what will you say. Ayush asks him to help. Nilesh says you use my friendship. Ayush says I don’t have time, and makes Nilesh write the letter from Mohi’s side. Ayush gets a call and gets to know call traced. The man tells the location. He thanks the man.


goes to Sharad and wakes him up. She says see who came. He asks who. She says your wife Shubhangi, she got her parents and they are scolding Sushila. He recalls Shubhangi’s words.

Ayush tells Nilesh that someone is close to us and making these calls. Nilesh says it means its not from Bhuvana. Ayush thinks and says is it Pratap. Nilesh asks who. Ayush recalls Pratap. He tells Nilesh about Pratap and says he can come to city too. Nilesh says maybe, he identified seeing you on tv. Ayush says yes, he is very dangerous, he can make Mohi wrote anything by forcing her at the gunpoint. Nilesh gets scared and says your story has everything. Ayush says seriously. He worries that Mohi is fine, as they are dangerous people.

Kaki says we always regarded Shubhangi as our daughter. Her mother argues. Her dad asks why did Sharad leave the job. Sharad comes and gets angry. He scolds them for dominating him for everything.

Kaki asks him to calm down. Sharad says Shubhangi insulted me and now got her parents to insult me and my family. Her dad scolds Sharad for misbehaving with them. Sharad says Shubhangi is not a good wife and good mother, I will say whatever I want. He says I m seeing how good daughter duty she is doing. Her dad says you said a big thing, if she is so bad, I will not let her stay here, I will send divorce papers. They all get shocked. Shubhangi cries.

Sharad says I will give her divorce, what are threatening me. Shubhangi gets shocked and recalls her life with Sharad. She looks at him and cries. Sharad says you show your money power to us. Shubhangi says Sharad. Her dad says we will not stay here, come with me. Sharad says yes, get lost, I don’t need anyone. Shanta asks Kaki to see what I can do, see what happens next, your family will break, you can’t do anything, you will see your breaking family. Kaki gets shocked.

Shanta asks Kaki to take rest and threatens her. Kaki says I will save my family from Shanta, I have to do something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. where is mohi I miss her so much

    1. mohi left the show for good

  2. Mohi should come back. Think only she can sort Shanta out.

  3. I agree with tuffy

  4. Where is mohi ?they haven’t shown her show her please let her come back and save the family. Where are sharad and Shubhangi

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