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Mohi 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanta smiling and wondering about Mohi. Kaka does the aid to Mohi’s hand. Mohi gets hurt. Kaki asks her to bear the pain to get well. Anusha and Ayush come to the room and sit. Ayush starts leaving. She asks where is he leaving, its their first night and he is showing attitude. Ayush says I m waiting for this night since many years, will I go out, I was going to come again and see my shying wife. She smiles.

Kaki does the aid. She asks Mohi to keep her hand away from water. Ayush comes to the room and sees Anusha sitting as the bride with ghunghat. He lifts the ghunghat and asks where is the milk glass, how will we our suhaagraat get complete. She says I forgot. They laugh. She hugs him and they have an eyelock. They get closer. Kaki shouts Mohi. They hear it and rush

out. Kaki sees Mohi fallen on the bed. Everyone come there.

Anusha checks Mohi and says her fever increased, I will treat her. Kaki asks them to go, she will manage. Anusha says no, I will give medicines, and go when Mohi’s fever goes.

Mohi gets up and says I m fine, I will go to my room, no need to worry. Anusha says be quiet, I m your doctor. She asks Ayush to help. They take Mohi. Shanta passes taunts on Mohi and says her fever will go, but this night will not come again, she has ruined Ayush and Anusha’s suhaagraat.

Vinay tells Rekha that she did wrong, you went to puja at Gokhales, when I reached there, Ayush said you left, problem is not in Ayush, its in your mentality, you did not think of anyone, Ayush is your son in law. She says yes, unfortunately, he is my son in law and you are my husband, mine and Anusha’s fate is bad.

Its morning, Anusha cooks in kitchen. Shanta comes and taunts her. Anusha says I m cooking for Mohi. Rekha calls Anusha and asks her to come for Patphere rasam. Anusha agrees. Shanta takes the phone and talks to Rekha to make her worry about Anusha, whose hand got burnt, Anusha is cooking breakfast for Mohi. Rekha asks what, my daughter is working in kitchen, I can’t believe this, that too for a maid. Shanta gives phone back to Anusha. Rekha argues with Anusha and scolds her for lowering her standard. She says we will talk when you come here and ends call.

Rekha calls Kaki and scolds her for making Anusha work, three mother in laws are making Anusha work together.

Update Credit to: Amena

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