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Mohi 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anusha being sad. Vinay asks her to come for dinner. She says she does not want to have food, she is worried for Ayush. Vinay says he understands, such things take time. Savant calls her and she asks about Ayush. He says unfortunately, we could not find out, the place is far, we will wait till tomorrow morning, and we will get some positive news for sure. She cries and ends call. She tells the same to Vinay. He asks her to have dinner. She refuses and leaves. Mahua asks the villagers about Mohi.

Harya and other men come back and say they could not find her. Pratap comes and asks for Mohi. He says Mohi is with Ayush. Mahua says Ayush has gone, Mohi was with me. Pratap says Ayush cheated everyone and came back. She gets shocked. Pratap says Mohi is with city guy and makes them worried. Mahua cries and asks is this right. Pratap says now you will trust me. He scolds Mohi. Mahua says she can’t believe Mohi can do anything wrong.

Anusha is sad in her room and recalls Ayush. Vinay comes to her and tries to cheer her up. He makes her sleep. Ayush and Mohi argue. She asks him to go and sleep. He asks her to come with him as its risky. She refuses. He asks whats her problem, is she doubting on him. She says nothing like that. He says its like that, you go inside, I will stay outside. She says no. He says stop acting, and makes her stay inside. She asks who is he to command her, he will know when it gets chill outside. The villagers come with Pratap and the man says he has seen Mohi and Ayush there. The man gets confused. Pratap beats them and asks did he see them or not. The man says he does not know the way right. Mahua cries. The ladies ask her to come. Mahua wishes Mohi is fine.

Mohi asks Ayush to come inside and sleep. He asks does she trust him now. She says she trusts him so she is here with him. Its morning, Mohi wakes up and hears Mahua’s voice. She looks around and goes to temple to pray. Ayush is still sleeping. Pratap comes there and Mahua asks Ayush about Mohi. They get Mohi’s hair band and asks him about her. Ayush says I don’t know about her. Mahua cries.

Pratap says he will kill Ayush and goes to stab Ayush.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. this is mohi serial right??? then y r they showing SSL poster

  2. Mohi and Ayush will be forced to get married and Anusha will have to deal with an Ayusg torn between her and Mohi is probably where this is heading.

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