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The Episode starts with Mohi worrying that police came to catch her and tries shutting the door. She rushes to everyone and worries. They all hear her and ask her what happened. Mohi shows them the police. The inspector asks for Ayush Gokhale. He says Ayush is under arrest. They all get shocked. Madhur asks for what crime. The man says for illegal betting. Madhur says this can’t happen, maybe you are finding any other Ayush. The inspector shows Ayush’s visiting card. Ayush says yes, this card is mine but…. Anusha holds Ayush’s hand.

Ayush asks where did he get this card. The inspector says we got this where illegal betting was going on. Ayush says it does not mean I was there, I give my card to many. The inspector says but you have to come with us. Ayush asks the address and recalls going

there yesterday. The inspector says its good you agreed, come with us now. They all cry. Ayush and Anusha recall meeting Deepa’s husband asking for money. Ayush thinks Satish and his friends are involved in betting, I have to tell police, but Deepa will worry more if she knows this. Madhur asks Ayush why did he go there.

Ayush says I m press reporter, I got news of illegal betting, so I went there to see. Inspector asks him to come along. Madhur says listen inspector, don’t take him, my son can’t be in this matter. Mohi cries and prays to Ganesh, asking why did this happen with Ayush.

Swati and Madhur stop inspector taking Ayush. Ayush says he will come soon. Police takes him. Mohi cries and sits praying. Anusha thinks what to do, Ayush is stuck, its not his fault, we went to meet Satish, we can’t tell this to anyone, I have to save Ayush. The inspector gets a call from his senior and leaves Ayush. He asks Ayush why did he not say about his contacts, but he has to come police station to give statement. The neighbors ask whom did they call to send police. Ayush asks Anusha did she do this. Anusha says I m so sorry, I had to take help. Madhur scolds Ayush. Sneha tells Mohi that police left Ayush. Mohi thanks Ganesh ji.

Mohi says I knew my brother will not refuse to my prayer. Shubhangi asks brother. Mohi says Ganesh ji. They smile and continue the aarti. Anusha comes home and Rekha argues about Ayush. She says she felt embarrassed to take favor from commissioner, he was arrested for betting. Anusha says someone is framing him, I know why Ayush went there. Rekha asks did she believe him, maybe Ayush is lying, he is middle class and go to any extent. Anusha asks how can you say so, its enough, I was with him at that time. Rekha asks what, you were there.

Madhur asks Ayush why did he go there and raises hand in anger. Sharad says Ayush said why he went. Madhur says I m asking Ayush. Ayush says truth won’t change, I went to follow a story. Anusha says Ayush was dropping me home and he was lead for story, so I went with him. Madhur asks Ayush is he mad, why did he go to follow story in such dangerous place. He scolds Ayush and asks why does he risk his life, think of your mother. Swati says this won’t happen again. Ayush apologizes to him, and says he chose this profession by his wish. He says journalism in my passion. Rekha says I will call Ayush, how can he risk your life. Anusha says don’t call him, he is stressed. Rekha says if police arrested you then.. Anusha says that was my decision, don’t blame him. Rekha says till when will he struggle. Madhur scolds Ayush and asks till when will you struggle. Ayush says my hit story will be printed in one week, then you don’t need to ask me.

Rekha agrees to accept Ayush if this story gets hit, else Anusha will have to marry where Rekha says.

Update Credit to: Amena

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