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Mohi 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayush and Anusha having a talk over dinner. He says we met 7 years ago. She says yes, that’s why I planned this dinner to celebrate. Ayush asks what big change did she see in him. She says I planned surprise and you are asking questions, good changes came in you since I have come. You have become confident, you were under confident before. He says I must confess, I used to be scared of Madhur, and was under confident. He says I love you a lot, and there is one more thing which I need to confess. She says later, I made your fav dishes, have food first. He goes to shut the door. They feed food to each other and music plays……….

She gives him a gift. He thanks her and checks the gift. He sees the photo, of Anusha and Mohi. He gets shocked. She gives him the wine. They strike

the glasses and laugh. Their talk continues. He asks her for a dance. They both dance. Music plays…………….. Anusha and Ayush talk and she drinks more wine, saying it should effect her then only wine will be of use. She gets romantic and hugs him. She says I m on 7th sky, I wish this time stops here, and hugs him. He thinks will this be right time to tell Anusha the truth. She asks him to taste the gajar halwa.

He says some romantic lines and she laughs. He holds his ears and says tell me what to do. She says if I make any mistake, then don’t leave me. They hug and share a lovely talk. He says he is afraid that she will leave him, as he did a big mistake. She asks really, then how don’t I know it. He drinks wine.

He turns away and says Anusha, I tried to tell you always, I did not wish to lie, you said we are like mirror image, how can mirror lie to itself. He cries and says actually Anusha, a big incident happened with me. He recalls Mohi and what all happened. He tells her everything of his marriage with Mohi and cries. He says Mohi said she won’t tell anyone and I have tried to tell you many times, I did not get chance. He asks her to say something and turns back. He sees she slept and covers her with blanket. He sits by her side and sleeps.

Its morning, Anjali asks Swati about her love story with Madhur and teases her. She asks Swati to tell how Madhur and Swati fell in love. Swati says she fell in love with Madhur after marriage, such marriages are very successful. Anjali says it means Ayush did not follow this, he is also happy, it means arranged marriage and love marriage, both are good. Swati says yes, but there is nothing about marriage type. Anjali says now I know how much you love dad, and hugs her. Swati goes to work.

Anusha wakes up and asks Ayush why did you not wake me. He says you slept late that’s why, its not too late, don’t worry. Anusha asks did I get over drunk at night, what were you confessing. He thinks it means Anusha does not remember anything.

Anusha gets the letter kept by Satish in Ayush’s bag. She says this is Mohi’s letter, whose letter is this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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