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The Episode starts with Anjali and Mohi coming to Vinay’s house to meet Anusha. Anjali asks maid for Vinay and Anusha. Maid tells them that Vinay and Anusha are not at home, and asked them to wait. Anjali goes to make a call. Mohi looks around the house and sees Vinay’s painting. She also adds colors to another painting. Mohi does a painting too. Anjali comes with Dr. Vinay. Vinay looks for Mohi. Anjali likes Vinay’s paintings. Vinay sees Mohi working out on painting, and making a village girl in the field. Anjali likes it, while Vinay is shocked.

Anjali says Mohi is a great artist. She says you made exact painting like Vinay uncle. Mohi says I did not know. Vinay likes it and says its better than my painting. He gives the admission form. Anjali asks Mohi to write Mohi her name, and father

and mother’s name. Mohi says I don’t know my father’s name, is it necessary. Vinay says don’t worry, I will manage, your exams will start after Ayush and Anusha’s marriage. She thinks its good as she will decide whether to live at Ayush’s house or not.

Vinay comes to DK and says he has an interesting story, which DK can’t refuse to publish. DK asks may I know what is the story. Ayush says Satyakam. I want that story to be published in Pune post. Manohar plays crossword. Deepa comes home and hugs Kaki.Everyone hugs Deepa. Deepa says she had fun, and learnt a lot, it was fun. Shanta comes and asks Deepa how is she. Deepa says I m fine, I just came, you look fit and fine in this age, you maintained yourself, very good.

Shanta gets glad. They laugh. Shanta asks about Satish. Deepa gets upset and looks at everyone. She says actually I did not come from inlaws, I went to office work tour, I came from there. Shanta asks what does this mean. Deepa says I m staying here. Shanta asks what did you do. Deepa says I can’t bear Satish now. Shanta asks does anyone do this, everyone has to compromise in inlaws. Deepa argues with her. Kaki asks Deepa not to talk in low tone.

Deepa asks Kaki to make Shanta quiet. Deepa says that old time is gone now. Shanta asks how is she talking. Deepa says this is my home, my parents got me married, they did not sell me. She gets angry and asks Shanta not to interfere in her personal problems. She goes to her room. Kaki goes after her. Shanta asks what did I say, I assume this is my family. Swati asks Shanta to forgive Deepa, its Ayush and Anusha’s marriage now, for their sake please. Shanta agrees.

Swati and Shubhangi talk about Deepa’s reaction to Shanta, there is some problem, so Deepa has come back. Shubhangi says yes, Deepa should share her problem, do you think she is happy being away from Satish, we want to help her, sometimes I wish to scold her and ask what is she hiding, what is the problem. They cry. Shubhangi takes juice to give Sharad.

He says he does not want juice and asks Shubhangi to take juice back, Shanta is annoyed by what Deepa said. Shubhangi asks what about Shanta’s words. Sharad says she was right, when Deepa came here, I was upset for her, but she did not say the problem. Deepa insulted you, Mausi did right. She says Mausi has hurt Deepa. She says Deepa should learn respecting elders. She says you are not doing same, by not respecting Manohar. He says we are talking about Deepa. She says she does not want to argue and asks him not to say anything infront of pandit to hurt Manohar. He says I respect Manohar, if he Manohar favors Mohi more, I can’t bear this. She asks him not to bring his ego in between.

Shanta brings a pandit and says its just for heart peace. The pandit checks Ayush’s kundli. Pandit says according to it, Ayush’s marriage has happened. They all get shocked.

Shanta gives money to pandit for saying Ayush is married, it was great dialogue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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