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The Episode starts with Satyakam seeing Ayush talking pics. Ayush sees this and runs from there. Satyakam sends his goons after Ayush. Pratap catches Ayush and scolds him, saying he should have gone to city, and now his death has got him here. Mohi is still in the fair. Pratap aims gun at Ayush. Mohi comes that way. A man stops Pratap. Ayush says you are mistaken, I m here for… Pratap says shut up and asks him to come. Mohi likes the binoculars and sees Pratap. She says whats Pratap doing there, whom is he taking and sees Ayush. She says its city guy, but he has gone, and checks again. She says what is city guy doing in these clothes.

Anusha talks to Archana. Rekha says she wants the engagement to be done soon, and asks her to choose the dress soon. She taunts on Gokhales. Archana tells Anusha that

Rekha cares for her and cheers her up. Anusha chooses a jacket for Ayush and matches it with his pic. Ayush’s pic falls and the mirror breaks. Anusha and Archana get worried. Ayush gets beaten by Pratap. Anusha says glass breaking is abshagun. Archana pacifies her.

Ayush says I came to see the fair. Pratap asks why did you come back changing the look. Ayush says I came to buy some traditional thing for my family, I was going and then you guys have caught me. Anusha calls Ayush. Pratap says we will beat less if you say the truth. Anusha’s call connects and Pratap takes it. Pratap scolds Ayush and Anusha gets shocked hearing it. Anusha asks is he fine. Ayush says let me talk. Pratap says shut up and throws the phone. The call ends. Pratap asks Ayush to answer him first, and aims gun at him.

Satyakam stops Pratap and comes there. Ayush gets shocked seeing him. Pratap says he was in disguise and roaming in the fair, I caught him red handed. Anusha cries and tells Archana that Ayush is in the some big problem, someone was shouting at him, I m scared. Archana says maybe its something else happening. Anusha says no, I m sure, I don’t know where is he. Archana says someone in his office maybe knowing. Satyakam talks to Ayush. Pratap says I think he is spy, he knows a lot and his life can be dangerous for us. Satyakam looks at Ayush and asks how much money he did to spy on him, why did he risk his life.

Ayush says no, I m not any spy, I m not here to hurt anyone, I came to roam, I met with an accident while para gliding. Pratap says he is lying, he made wounded intentionally to stay here, he is fine now and came back in disguise, and you trust Mohi, but she is also with him. He says Mohi has saved him when Ayush was clicking pics, why did he have camera, it has your pics in it. Satyakam gets thinking and looks at Ayush. Pratap asks why is he clicking your pics. Satyakam asks Ayush to give answer or his life. Ayush is shocked.

Anusha calls at Ayush’s office and says she wants Ayush’s number, its about his life, he is in danger, he needs my help. Pratap asks Satyakam to say, he will kill Ayush. Ayush says he is not lying. Pratap puts the knife at his neck.

Satyakam says Ayush is saying half truth. Mohi is with him. Satyakam gets shocked seeing huge police force there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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