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Mohi 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anusha coming to talk to Mohi. Anusha says I know mum is wrong, but she will check your bag, I m really sorry. She takes the Potli/bag from Mohi’s hand. Mohi says I just have this in my life. Ayush, Anusha and Mohi walk downstairs. Mohi recalls her marriage. Rekha asks Mohi to open her Potli. She says she will check it.

Anusha stops Mohi and holds her hand. She shows earrings on Rekha’s saree and asks Rekha to see. Rekha gets glad seeing earring and thanks Anusha. Ayush looks at Mohi. Rekha says I don’t know how did this come here. Anusha says you did not see well and made it a big issue. Anusha and Vinay ask Rekha to say sorry to Mohi. Rekha says sorry. Manohar says its all well end now, come we will do aarti. Swati asks Mohi to keep her belongings in her room an


Satyakam lands in Pune and greets the temple. An auto driver Deepak greets Satyakam as Dadda and says he is helpless to stay here to earn for family, else his heart is in Bhuvana. Satyakam says yes, food is necessary. Deepak says I stay in city, but obey your teachings and values. Satyakam says you are smart, so you are my fav student. He asks about his home. Deepak says I stay with my sister, you stay with me. Satyakam agrees and sits in the auto. He asks what did he say her. Deepak says I said you have some work here. Satyakam thinks he has come to find Mohi, he won’t go till he finds her.

Swati asks Ayush and Anusha to do aarti today, as next year Anusha will do aarti as their bahu. The couples do the aarti. Ayush and Anusha also do aarti and smile. Mohi looks at them. Jaidev………..plays…………. Anusha brings Mohi and gives her aarti plate. Kaki asks Mohi to give aarti to everyone. The ladies tell its not safe to keep maids. Rekha agrees and says maids can do anything for money. Kaki says we trust Mohi. Shubhangi says she is part of our family. Anusha says no one doubts on family. Ayush looks on.

Archana asks the maid Jhilmil is she in hurry. Jhilmil says yes, but I can’t leave work incomplete. Archana offers help. Jhilmil says no need, else you will say you had fever and tell Rekha. Archana says I m fine now. Jhilmil asks her not to do any work, she will take her full salary. Archana says I like to do work. Jhilmil says I don’t like Rekha treating you like maid. Archana says Rekha is good by heart. Jhilmil says you are good, but its not good to be so good.

Manohar and Kaki talk to guests. Deepa gets a call and goes. Swati and Shubhangi talk to Kaki and feel bad for Mohi. Mohi says its fine, doubt always goes on outsiders, and I m outsider here. Manohar says you should be punished to call yourself an outsider, you are part of our family, like Anjali and Deepa. Mohi takes his blessings and recalls Mahua’s words about inlaws.

Rekha asks Ayush’s family to get AC before Anusha comes. Madhur gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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