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Mohi 28th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohi coming to Shanta. She asks Shanta why did she call her. Shanta asks Mohi to massage her legs. Mohi sits to massage her legs. Shanta thinks she has learnt hypnotism and its good to use on Mohi today. She tries hypnotizing Mohi and smiles. Ayush comes to room and recalls Anusha, how he fought with her and made her upset. He recalls Kaki who told him to keep Anusha happy.

Shanta sees Mohi getting hypnotized by the pendant. She thinks she did not know her old learnt method to help her today. She says Mohi will say all her secrets today and she will not even know it. She laughs. Ayush tries to talk to Anusha. Shanta asks Mohi her name. Mohi says Mohi. Shanta asks her village name. Mohi says Bhuvana. Shanta asks Manohar’s wife’s name. Mohi says Sushila. Shanta asks is

there any secret that his family should not know. Mohi says yes.

Ayush sees Anusha’s pic and apologizes to her for hurting her. Shanta asks Mohi is she married. Mohi says yes. Shanta says you have hidden this from everyone. Ayush says he promises to sort out this problem forever, then no one can come between our lose. Shanta asks Mohi her husband name. Ayush says Anusha and I will be most loving husband and wife. Shanta asks Mohi to say what is her husband’s name. Someone knocks the door. Mohi gets out of hypnotism by sound and holds her head. She asks what happened to me, I m getting headache. Shanta says you slept massaging my legs. Mohi says you had something in your hand. Shanta asks are you blaming me. Mohi says no, I will massage legs again. Shanti asks her to help Swati and sends her. Shanta prays to break this family.

Swati says sofa got damaged. Mohi says I have seen sofa repair shop on the way, we can call that guy. Swati likes the idea. Shanta says Mohi does good with this house. Anjali tells Mohi about her 12th class entrance test. Shanta asks Mohi how will she do household work now. Swati asks Mohi to go for test. Shanta asks Mohi to give breakfast to Ayush in his room, first do work and then get ready. Swati says fine, go Mohi, give him food, then go with Anjali.

Mohi takes food to Ayush’s room and hears him saying about Satyakam, that Satyakam is a nice man. Mohi tells Ayush that he is a nice guy too, and is glad. He says its my decision to print this news or not, and asks her to knock and come. Mohi thinks Ayush can’t hide his goodness. She smiles and leaves. Shanta looks on and thinks Ayush always scolds Mohi, but risked his life to save her, she smiles talking to him, I think there is something between them.

Shanta asks Deepa about Satish. Deepa says I have left Satish, I m here as this is my parents house, they got me married, not sold me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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