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The Episode starts with Ayush getting worried by the call. Anusha comes and romances. He says I m getting late. She asks is there any news about Bhuvana, dad is going for camp there, shall we go there and get her. He says no need, she will come if she wants, its her luck. She says but Mohi maybe in problem, I want to go Bhuvana once. He thinks how to stop Anusha from going Bhuvana.

Sharad recalls Anusha’s words. He misses Shubhangi. Kaki comes and asks did you talk to her. He says no. She says she is your wife, fights happen, its 13 years of marriage, relation keeping is tough and breaking is easy. Shanta comes there. She says you can explain this to Shubhangi too, she can call Sharad, her elders can explain and send her, but they are rich and proudish, why will they send her, they would feel all

mistakes are of Sharad, and their daughter is innocent.

Kaki asks why are you trying to break their relation, its their matter, why do you give advice without anyone asking, I feel you are jealous of other’s happiness as you could not see your son’s happiness. Shanta gets shocked and cries. She says you told a big thing Sushila, Sharad is like my son, why will I break his house. Kaki says he is like your son, but not your son. Shanta cries. Sharad takes her to her room so that she can have bp medicines. Kaki thinks why is Sharad being so stubborn, how to explain him.

Nilesh comes and asks why did you call me. Ayush says I recorded the blackmailer’s call, and makes him hear. Nilesh says just Bhuvana villagers know this marriage truth, who can it be. Ayush says is Mohi doing this through someone, but no, she can’t do this, else she would have troubled me being here, who can it be, my fate is bad, this problem came, what does this blackmailer want. Nilesh says don’t worry, when I m here, use your contacts being star reporter and trace this caller. Ayush nods.

Vinay tells Aaji that Anusha and I are going to Bhuvana, I m worried for Mohi. She says fine, but did you tell Anusha. He says not yet. She says will she understand this, wait for some days. He says no use to wait now, there is no way now, I will tell Anusha on the way, if she understands, we will get Mohi back. She says when Rekha knows this, how will she react, I m afraid.

Shanta is in her room and self talks about her plans getting failed one by one. She recalls Satish’s words and he comes. She scolds him for not answering her calls and asks why did he fail his own Guru. She says you passed in my tests. He says yes, you teach so well, but what did I hear that you got unwell. She says you understand all my plans. He asks her to think for herself, as you also know me well. They smile. He says don’t praise me, I will not get trapped. She says no use to trap you now, but remember its important to be honest in bad things, as I will save you if you get trapped. He says why will I get trapped, my plan is fool proof. She says you are wrong to think you did not leave any proof, I was careless to trust you, give me that letter back. He says I have it till now, but very soon it will be at its right place, Ayush is worried by his fan’s phone calls and I will get money till tomorrow. Shanta asks did you ask money from Ayush. He says yes, he wants to hide this truth, so he will give money for this letter. He goes. She thinks Satish took big risk, Ayush will not leave Satish. She smiles.

Anusha calls Ayush and he is busy. Rekha calls her. Anusha says Vinay and I are going Bhuvana to get Mohi. Rekha says oh, so you both are going, Vinay went for camp years ago, and forgot you and me.

Anusha says it will be good to find Mohi, as dad knows Bhuvana. Rekha says her mum would get her married, forget her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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