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The Episode starts with Rekha saying Anusha that Ayush is your husband, so listen to him only. She gets annoyed and leaves. Anusha asks Ayush what is his problem, why did he not accept Rekha’s gift, why does he have ego. Ayush says he married Anusha, not her money. This is not his ego, but his self esteem. They argue. He says you will take Anusha’s side. Anusha says mum was right. He says you mean I should thank her for gifting the trip. I don’t like your mom’s behavior. She says I m just saying you could have spoken well to her. He says I don’t want to talk to you and your mum.

Swati and Deepa come there. Swati asks Anusha why did she not come to say bye to her mum. Anusha looks at Ayush. She says Rekha told me that she had imp work. Swati smiles and asks Anusha to come downstairs, they

will have lunch together. Deepa teases Anusha and Ayush for their first night and leaves.

Ayush holds Anusha’s hand and thanks her for not telling anyone about their argument. She says I don’t understand you sometimes even after knowing you since many years, you are not the old Ayush, this new Ayush scares me by his behavior, I feel maybe I married a stranger. She leaves. He says maybe you are right, I m stranger even for myself.

Deepa and Anjali have sweets and come to kitchen. They ask Mohi to have sweets. Mohi refuses and is sad. Shanta comes and asks them to decorate Ayush’s room for his suhaagraat. She says you three sisters will decorate the room. Anjali asks how three. Shanta says Mohi is Anusha’s sisters, Ayush and Anusha will be glad if you three decorate the room. Mohi says I m busy, I can’t do this. Shanta asks won’t you do this work for Ayush jiju, you regard Anusha as elder sister. Deepa and Anjali ask Mohi to help them. They make plans and leave.

Anjali takes Mohi. Mohi says she has to make tea. Anjali insists and takes her. Deepa asks where were they, they have to decorate the room. She asks Mohi to help her. Anjali tells about scented candles. Deepa jokes and they laugh. Mohi helps them. Shanta and Satish come and look on.

Shanta smiles and tells Satish that this is a game, I m glad seeing Mohi decorating Ayush’s room, tomorrow we will plan anything else, Mohi will clean the room and I will be getting peace. He says I have to go, I can’t stay more. She says fine, go, you have phone, I will call, I may need you.

Deepa and Anjali have some work and tell Mohi to handle decorations alone. They leave. Mohi cries. Ayush comes and asks her why is she doing this, does she like this, there is no need. He holds her hand to make her leave. Kaki comes and looks at them. She asks whats happening. Mohi says my hand got twisted, so Ayush was seeing it. She shows her hand. She lies and saves Ayush. She looks at Ayush.

Anjali tells Ayush that Mohi decorated the room and we thought to tell Mohi to make Anusha ready. Ayush and Mohi see each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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