Mohi 28th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Mohi 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the many people coming in the village fair. Harya tries selling the sweets. Mohi shows the dancing girls to Mahua and smiles. Mohi dances with the girls and takes Mahua too. They dance and smile. Ayush comes there hiding his face and wearing villager clothes. He collides with Pratap’s man. The man asks why did he collide and scolds him. Ayush apologizes to him. Ayush sees Mohi’s Nana doing the puja, and says will Vaid ji do the puja, not Satyakam. He recalls Mohi’s words and thinks Mohi said Nana can do puja too, it got waste to come here.

Nana, Mahua and Mohi see there. Ayush gets in the crowd rushing to welcome their leader Satyakam, with dhols and flowers. Ayush gets shocked seeing Satyakam and stops from taking pics, as he can get shot for clicking pics. He then gets

brave and holds his camera hiding it to click few pics of Satyakam. Ayush tries hard to take a pic. People come in between and he fails to take the pic. Ayush gets far and above, and clicks the pics. He checks to see of Satyakam’s face is captured.

Anusha messages Ayush that she is worried about him, and her message is not delivered. Vinay comes to her and asks why did she make the room dark in daytime. She says nothing. He asks about Ayush. She says she is worried, Ayush did not even message her. He asks her to come for breakfast. She tries calling Ayush again. Ayush clicks more pics while Satyakam is doing the puja. Satyakam asks Mohi to do puja with him. He asks about Ayush and she says Ayush has gone. He says its good he has gone, as he don’t trust city people.

Anusha joins Vinay for having breakfast and tells that Rekha has gone Mumbai for some work. He did not know this and says yes, she has told me. She asks him to talk to Rekha, he has right to know where is mum going. He says there should not be any control. She says mum’s priorities are not right, maybe you should talk. He says he does not want to waste time on things which has no results. She says its compromise. He says its not a bad thing, if it keeps peace at home, this is understanding for me, which is very imp, we do mistake in relation when we see everything by our viewpoint, we have to understand other’s viewpoint too. She recalls his words.

Pratap and his men come there. Mohi looks at him and turns. Pratap smiles seeing her. Pratap sees Satyakam and recalls the slap. Ayush thinks to take more risk and gets close to the temple. Satyakam does the aarti and everyone attend it. Ayush says he wants such a pic to show Satyakam is alive. Nana tells Satyakam that they will leave now. Satyakam asks the villagers to be patient and get Prasad. He stands praying there. Ayush smiles and takes the pics. His watch mirror glare falls on Satyakam’s face. Satyakam sees Ayush taking the pics.

Ayush is caught by Pratap and his men. Pratap aims gun and says he will end Ayush’s wonderful trip in Bhuvana.

Update Credit to: Amena

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