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Mohi 27th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohi apologizing to Rekha. Rekha says look at her attitude. Mohi says she did not push her intentionally. Rekha says she is so ill mannered, whats the need to keep her, they could ask her to arrange any helper. Manohar apologizes to Rekha. Rekha says you don’t need to apologize for a maid. Vinay says its okay, let it go now. Anusha says yes, Mohi has said sorry. Vinay says you have spoiled her Rangoli, you should apologize to Mohi. Rekha asks what, shall I say sorry to her, I did not do this intentionally. Vinay says exactly. Rekha says thanks, how could you leave chance to insult me infront of everyone, we will talk later, I m leaving. Kaki apologizes from Mohi’s side.

Mohi thinks if Rekha goes, it will be problem, she has to stop Rekha. Mohi comes in between and stops

Rekha. She says you can’t go till puja, I won’t let you go from here. Ayush asks Mohi what is she doing. Mohi says I won’t let Rekha go, don’t say sorry, I will say sorry and holds ears. She does situps saying sorry. Rekha asks what is she doing. Mohi says please stay and holds her legs, apologizing. Rekha says leave me and pushes Mohi on the floor. They all get shocked.

Mohi smiles and says you made me all, its equal now, don’t get angry now. Anusha asks Rekha to stay for her sake. Kaki says its over now. They all request Rekha. Rekha agrees. Mohi thanks her. Swati says its time for aarti. She asks Mohi to change clothes and come for puja. Mohi stops Vinay and apologizes for that day. She goes.

Mohi gets ready and looks at her sindoor. She keeps sindoor in her bag. Shubhangi comes and says you did great, you made Rekha fall, Rekha will remember this, tell me how did you do this. Mohi says I did not do this intentionally. Shubhangi says yes, but you said right about scores got equal. They laugh. Shubhangi and Mohi come for the puja. Rekha looks at her. Deepa brings kumkum plate. Shubhangi applies kumkum. Deepa applies tika to Mohi. Manohar places the Ganesh idol and they do all the rituals. Ayush and Anusha smile seeing each other. Rekha notices her earring is missing and reacts. Anusha asks what happened. Rekha says her earring is missing.

Rekha says it was diamond earring, it was costly. Kaki says don’t worry, if it fell here, we will get it. Shubhangi says find in the rangoli. Mohi gets something and says I got it. She says sorry, its something else. Anjali says its not in Rangli. Rekha blames Mohi for stealing her earring. She says Mohi did this to take revenge. Swati says Mohi is not such girl. Shubhangi says yes, you are mistaken. Manohar says Mohi is naughty, but she is not thief. Madhur asks Mohi did he hide it to trouble Rekha. Mohi says no, I don’t know anything. Mohi says you can search me. Rekha says you changed the clothes, maybe you kept it in your room, I will search your room. They all try to stop Rekha and say Mohi stays in store room. Rekha asks Mohi to get her belongings, I will search in it. She says Mohi is the culprit.

Sharad asks Mohi to get her bag. Mohi gets sad. Rekha asks Ayush to go with Mohi, else she will hide earrings while coming. Ayush goes with Mohi. Vinay feels bad. Ayush asks Mohi did she steal the earring. She says no. He asks her to remove that items from her bag, else everyone will know they are married. She removes her bridal dress, mangalsutra, sindoor and other items. Anusha comes there. Ayush asks how much time will you take, everyone will doubt, hurry up. He gets shocked seeing Anusha.

Anusha says she has to talk to Mohi and walks to her. Everyone wait for them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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