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The Episode starts with Mohi running away from the goons. Deepak brings Satyakam there in auto. Satyakam says he is feeling sad that he is leaving without meeting Mohi. Mohi runs towards the auto. The police jeep comes and Satyakam leaves from there. The goons run away. The police asks Mohi what happened. Vinay talks to the guard to know about Mohi. Mohi tells about the goons to the police. She cries.

Rekha says I told you all about having maid by good agency, why did you get Mohi, engagement has stopped, ring ceremony mahurat is passing off, what shall we do now. She asks Anusha to say, shall we wait for Mohi or proceed with engagement. The inspector asks who is her father, whats his name. Mohi says she does not know the name. She says she knows her father stays in this area, my Nana told me, so

I came here to find him.

The inspector asks why does she work here in city? Why is she saying riddles? Mohi says I did not meet my dad till now. The inspector asks where does her Nana stay, in which village? She says he stays in village, she forgot the name of the village. The constable says I think she has gone mad, lets leave her here. The inspector asks does she know the family where she came for engagement. She says yes, Dr. Vinay Dixit. Vinay asks Rekha why is she asking Anusha. Rekha says its her engagement. Anusha says I think we should find Mohi first, I wish she is not in any problem. Ayush thinks Mohi is problem herself. Sharad says I will go and find Mohi. Madhur says I will come along. They leave. The inspector brings Mohi there. They all look at her. Swati asks is she fine, where did she go. Rekha asks her to let police say, what did Mohi do.

She asks inspector what did she do. The inspector says she did not do anything, she was getting trapped in human trafficking. They all get shocked. The inspector says she was lucky to run away and met police, else…. Be careful, she does not know people and routes here, don’t let her go alone. Madhur says fine, thanks. Mohi thanks him. The police leaves.

Madhur asks Mohi where did she go. Manohar asks what was the emergency. They all start questioning her and ask her to answer them. Anusha says wait, let her speak. She asks Mohi why did she go out. Mohi apologizes and cries. She says she will never do such mistake again. Manohar says fine, but tell us why did you go, without telling us. Mohi says I went to find my Dadda. They look get puzzled.

Rekha says you don’t even know his name, how did you go to find him. Mohi says my Nana said my father stays in this area, I heard two men and came to know this area’s name. I asked many people here. Swati asks did she go mad, how will she get her father by small info. Mohi says I admit my mistake, I felt this is the chance to find my father, but goons met. Madhur asks why did she talk to strangers. Mohi cries. Swati consoles her. Manohar asks whats this innocence, which people take advantage of, how would you know your father, if he loved you, would he leave you and go? Manohar says I told you I m your father, your Dadda.

Rekha says we shall continue the engagement now. Mohi thinks Lord did joke with her, she got her respect saved to see Ayush’s engagement.

Ayush and Anusha get engaged. Moho looks on and gets teary eyed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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