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Mohi 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad refusing to bring Shubhangi back. He says she wants to be happy in her Maayka, she will come by her wish, I will not call her back. Anusha asks him to think what is the actual reason for the fight, he is right at this time. Everyone adjusts to live happily, Shubhangi adjusted so well when she came here. There will be some reason for her too, husband and wife have to be together always in happiness and sorrows, the problem starts when someone third comes in between, it hurts everyone, even kids. She says forgive me if you felt bad, good night. She leaves.

Ayush comes home and Sharad welcomes him. He says you made us proud, Manohar is very happy, come and take everyone’s blessings. Ayush says I always wanted to prove myself and fulfill everyone’s expectations. He

takes elder’s blessings. Kaki says Manohar is very happy, he wanted to meet Ayush and I made him sleep, meet him tomorrow. Anusha comes and congratulates Ayush. Rekha comes there and greets them. She praises Ayush and blesses him. She hugs him. Everyone get glad.

Rekha asks Ayush to thank Anusha as he is seeing this day because of Anusha, as her steps are very lucky for them. She says I planned special dinner for you all and asks Ayush to call her mom. Ayush says sorry, but I have work. Rekha says I understand, we will keep it on Sunday, you will be free. He says ya, Sunday will be fine. She goes. Sharad blesses Ayush and says this is big success that Rekha accepted Ayush. Shanta says Rekha changed in a day. Sharad says Ayush got successful, that’s why and laughs.

Shanta thinks its time to send Anusha to her Maayka. Shanta goes to room and looks for Mohi’s letter everywhere. She calls Satish and he does not answer. She gets angry and says how dare he disconnect my call. She calls again. He answers call and she asks him to come. He asks why shall I come, I stopped hearing your orders, you don’t have money to give me, so I arranged money myself, I can give you 20% if you want, as Mohi wrote this letter by your hardwork.

Anusha talks to Ayush and says I m happy that mom accepted you, we will go abroad for holiday. She sees he slept and smiles. She kisses him. Shanta asks Satish to listen. Satish asks her to drink water and calm anger. He ends call. She gets angry and says she will not leave him.

Its morning, Ayush wakes up by that unknown person’s call. Satish greets him and says I m your fan, so sorry if I have woke you up. Ayush says what do you want to say. Satish says did you recall what truth I want to show. Ayush says no, you tell me. Satish asks what price will he give. Ayush says why will I pay for my own truth. Satish says when truth is hidden, it becomes a secret. Ayush says I did not hide any truth. Satish says I m talking about Bhuvana’s truth, you lie well. Ayush gets shocked. Satish ends call. Ayush thinks of his words and recalls Mohi. He thinks is this man saying about marriage with Mohi.

Kaki explains Sharad and says keeping relations is tough. Shanta says Shubhangi’s elders can send her back, they would feel its Sharad’s mistake. Kaki scolds Shanta.

Update Credit to: Amena

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