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Mohi 27th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayush coming downstairs with Anusha. Swati asks Mohi to get rice from kitchen. Mohi brings it. the pandit takes the rice and says we will start puja now. Rekha comes there and says Vinay and Aaji will come after fulfilling their mannat prayers in temple. Shanta and Satish see Mohi upset. She is glad seeing Mohi sad. The pandit chants mantras. Ayush and Anusha smile. Shanta says now we should start our work and signs Satish.

Satish calls Rekha. Everyone see Rekha getting call and disturbing puja. Satish calls again and Archana asks Rekha to keep phone on silent. Ayush does rituals. The pandit tells puja katha. Mohi gets sad and prays for Ayush. Satish calls Rekha again. Rekha shows the call to Archana. Archana asks Rekha to see how happy Anusha looks and asks her to switch off phone.

Shanta gets annoyed and says now Lord will help us. The pandit ask them to do aarti. Ayush and Anusha do aarti. Everyone pray. Rekha thinks everything looks normal, but I will talk to Ayush. Aarti completed and Kaki gives Prasad to everyone. Ayush goes to his room. Rekha comes to Ayush and asks for guarantee that he will always keep Anusha happy. He gets stunned.

He asks what cheat. She says I never liked you, Anusha chose, you will never become my son in law. He says you said this before too, now Anusha and I are married. She says yes, but if you hurt my daughter, then I will not leave you. Anusha’s tears will have be paid by you, remember this. Anusha comes there and Rekha says I just came to talk to Ayush. She acts innocent and caring mother infront of Anusha. She says she has chosen a honeymoon trip for them. Anusha gets glad.

Ayush taunts Rekha being angry by her taunts. He says I won’t be able to take care of Anusha abroad, cancel this trip, I m sure you will get total refund. Anusha asks Ayush whats the problem, Rekha is just gifting. He says your mom’s mindset has the problem. Rekha says I m glad seeing his self esteem. Ayush is your husband Anusha, listen to him from today. She leaves. Anusha argues with Ayush. He says I married you, not your money, this is not my ego, its my self respect.

Shanta tells about Ayush’s suhaagraat decorations and taunts Mohi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Boring boring boring!!! Please end this nonsense. This serial doesnt make sense at all.

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