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Mohi 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rekha being worried hearing about engagement. Swati asks is there any problem. Rekha says no, I was thinking to ask Ayush after he comes back. Vinay asks Anusha when is Ayush coming. She says this week. Vinay says then we will keep engagement. Manohar agrees. Rekha gets worried. Ayush talks to Mohi and asks what will she do with the flowers. She says she makes colors from it, she has fair tomorrow. He asks will she play holi. She says about Lord puja. He thinks he remembers that they make color from flowers, to preach Lord and then the leader does the puja.

He asks who will do puja. Mohi says the leader of the village will do it, maybe Nana or Baba. He asks who is he. She says someone who is very good and educated. He asks name. She asks why do you want to know. He says I

was asking for GK. Ayush tries asking her about the man. She says she forgot to take colors from flowers and leaves.

Harya asks Ayush to taste sweets, as he is taking it in fair too. Ayush says fine, and tastes it. He says its very nice. Harya gets glad. Ayush says he will also come in fair. Harya says city guys are not allowed to come. Ayush thinks how to confirm that leader is Satyakam. Its night, Mahua prepares to sleep and prays. She talks to Mohi and says she wishes Mohi gets a nice house, good family and nice guy. Mohi sleeps while talking to her. Mahua blesses her.

Its morning, Ayush talks to Pratap’s men and the man asks him to go back to city and not come infront of Pratap. Ayush shows he is hurt. Anusha prays that she talks to Ayush once. Archana comes to her and smiles. She calls Anusha and teases her. Ayush meets Nana and says he is hurt, don’t ask him to stay here now, he has to go. Nana says he is curing people since long, and advises him to return to city soon and show any doctor. Ayush says fine, you all enjoy mela, Mohi told me about it, thanks you all for taking care of me, I will miss the mela/fair. He leaves. Mahua gets glad. Pratap’s men asks him to come.

Manohar asks his wife not to miss Ayush and asks her to make tea for him. Ayush sees the girls dancing and talks to them, asking will they perform in mela. Kangi says mela dance will be better than this. Ayush says I wish I could come and wishes her all the best. He gets some idea and smiles.

Mohi asks Mahua to see the girls dancing. She dances with them. Ayush hides his face and getup, and comes there,

Update Credit to: Amena

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